Inspiration Strikes in the Wee Hours!

I posted this at the end of October on another blog, but now I am using that one only for friends and family. Hope this isn’t too confusing . . .

I am copying the posts that relate to this blog so there will be some background:

Nothing like waking up in the wee hours with ideas for new designs and products swirling through one’s mind!

I think the colours of some fat quarters I bought yesterday started the ball rolling . . . I picked them up thinking to make a simple quilt, something I can hand-sew when visiting with my Aunty.

I was in a store owned out of the USofA (yes, I hate the company, but it was the only place I could walk to yesterday to look for new runners or else boots – now that the six months of white has begun in earnest!) and on my way to the boots (not easy to find), I side-tracked into the yarn section, now sadly under-stocked. On the adjoining wall were pieces of pre-cut fabric (the old fabric section where one could buy as many yards as needed seems to have gone the way of the dodo . . .). I was busy turning up my nose at the new concept when a stack of beautiful greens caught my eye and begged me to rescue them! I checked the size and decided to get two bundles. As I turned away, another stack called my name . . . and there were two more bundles, these in floral/swirly designs and all in warm shades that deserved to live out their lives next to the rescued greens!! So, I rescued them, too . . .

I do have other bundles of fat quarters, of course, but I couldn’t abandon these lovelies to a (probably) awful fate . . .

Which is what led to my waking at 2:30 am, more or less, to visions that make my heart sing, which I documented in my handy little ‘Notes’ app, then just had to write about in the new blog . . .

No, I’m not detailing the new projects – you’ll have to come back again. I will post pictures once I get started.

I WILL say they involve a couple of patterns I bought recently from and a series of traditional quilt squares . . . sort of Jane Austen discovers she’s a cousin to Adelaide Hoodless . . . and if you don’t know who SHE is (especially if you are Canadian), well, all I can say is . . . Google is your friend!

And no, but thanks for asking, I did not buy boots (ugly only, with mostly four-inch heels and wedgie soles) or runners (didn’t even look). Guess I have to make a trip to a shoe store in a day or two . . .

Well, it’s nearly 5:00 am now; think I will try and get some sleep . . . have an inspired day, my friends!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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