Possessed by a Fabric Junkie!

I have been busy the past few days; I should have warned you all that posting will likely not be on a regular basis.
I have been to two US stores, neither of whom had much of what I was looking for; then finally to FabricLand, where I found exactly what I needed in the way of fabric to match the fat quarters I picked up the other day. That’s when the \Fabric Junkie possessed me (again!!).

I was so excited!! AND I found a girl’s dress pattern similar to what I want to make, plus fabric and notions for that, too. It even has a cute little hat pattern that I can adapt.

I photographed the fat quarter fabrics before I washed them, but have not had time to download the pictures yet. I will be uploading them soon, I promise! I should have photographed the yardage, too, but was so busy getting it all into the laundry that I forgot to do that. After I iron it, I will take pictures.

I have new books on quilting and a couple of quilting and sewing magazines, too. Not for the first time, I’m thinking that I should not be allowed into certain stores without a keeper! But then, I’d buy stuff anyway . . . and it IS for a good cause, at least . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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