More Snow…and Continuing Adventures…

Snow is still coming down, but nothing stops a Fabric Junkie (especially one about to start sewing some commissioned items!) . . .

97 street looking West

My friend picked me up early and we went to Cora’s for breakfast (awesome food, if you haven’t been there yet!). Then…FabricLand!!

(I had planned a return trip to pick up some lovely Christmas-themed fabric that I saw on my last visit)

We found fabric for a reversible pelisse (a Jane Austen style short jacket with a diamond panel in the back. You can see the pattern under the ‘Regency’ tab on the ‘Sense and Sensibility’ website:

We also found material for three Empire-style tunics (to be made from the dress pattern, cut short enough for ease in getting in and out of a car), a second jacket, grey herringbone lined with black, a lovely remnant in deep Christmas red with some bling, and finally, three Christmas fabrics, including the one I was planning to go back for. All lovely! Later I will be washing them all, so will take some photos to post next time I’m on the computer.

I will be making a muslin for the tunic and pelisse patterns, so it will be a bit before I begin to actually sew. . .

. . . and first I really need to finish clearing stuff out of the living room, as I need my kitchen table clear for creating a sewing area. It still has foot and a half deep stacks of items I need to deal with.

More later . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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