Progress . . .

Yesterday I washed all the new fabrics; today I will be ironing. I love to iron, and a good thing, too! There are yards and yards, not to mention several shorter pieces. I will take some photos once I’m done and post them later. I had a slow start today in spite of getting up early; I made my Sunday coffee and wheat germ semi-crepes, which I ate with real Quebec maple syrup, a piece of warm ham and an orange. I call the pancakes semi-crepes because they are thicker than crepes, but thinner than pancakes. No recipe to post as I just whipped them up. A great phone call with a relative from the Wet Coast, some work on the computer, all done. Next some dusting and I have to continue clearing off the work table (I made a start yesterday, but have a bit to do still) and no, I’m not posting ‘before’ pictures! You really don’t want to know.

I forgot, I have to get groceries, too. And soon, as the sun goes down before 5:00 these days. So, I was hoping to start on tracing patterns, too, but I’m not sure there’s enough time in this day for that. I keep thinking I should grow some indoor pots of thyme, as it’s the one thing I always seem to run out of . . .

If you were wondering about the weather up here today, here’s three pictures:


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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