That FJ!! . . . did it again!

The Fabric Junkie struck again . . . but it was for necessary things, right? I just ordered some lovely green abstract fabric and a glue stick to use while piecing. I distracted myself while completing the order and now don’t remember what else will be in there . . . good thing I love a nice surprise! I think I ordered either paper or plastic hexes for piecing a Grandmother’s Flower Garden strip. Oh, well, will let you know what it was once it arrives; next week sometime, I expect. I was only looking (I swear!) at the fabrics on the Sew Sisters site (link here: when the FJ sneaked up and started clicking the buttons . . . I guess she thought I needed some help!

I also asked if I could sign up for the Quilting “Blogathon Canada”  (link here on the Sew Sisters site: I’m just getting started and have no projects yet to share, so wasn’t sure if I could join up; I really want to drool over what other stitchers are doing!

Also found another great site: Gypsy Quilt (link here: What gorgeous work! So now I have another blog to follow! But I love it!!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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