Ironing finished!

Yesterday I ironed all the new fabrics except for a couple that won’t need it. Three hours of ironing!! I took pictures, too, but they are not uploaded to the computer yet. I will have to upload them from the iPhone later. Today I found several quilting books at the library. I pretty much know what I want to make to begin with, but I do love to learn more . . .

I had a rather lazy day today, but tomorrow plan to be up bright and early and get that table cleared off! I’m ready to start cutting . . .

. . . and I do want to start on a couple of muslins, too. One for a friend and some others for the shop. I’m finding reading other people’s blogs quite compelling (and addictive!) so I have begun a schedule to keep me on track. One hour per day to blog myself, then follow up on other people’s lives. One hour for homemaking (not counting cooking). I know once I have some bits cut out, I will sail ahead; I wake up early but do quiet things until my Mum is up; sewing would be perfect. I think some Canada Geese and some Bestemor’s Flowers (Grandmother’s Flowers in English) are where I will start.

For machine sewing, I need to cut out at least two little girl dresses. And then there are the Edwardian aprons for girls and women . . . must plant more thyme!! (-:


Here are the photos:
First one is the yardage, Second are the fat quarters; the third is of three light fabrics to make blouse/dresses for a good friend.

20121115-235719.jpg   20121115-235937.jpg   20121116-000002.jpg


2 thoughts on “Ironing finished!

  1. Thanks, Marci! I just love colour . . . and ironing, lucky for me! I find it very meditative. Thanks for the good wish for the weekend, too. It was good, but busy. Well, that’s good, too, I guess. Hope yours was good, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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