Fabric Photos

Sorry that picture of the ironed fabrics is so dark; I had them piled on the ironing board but the sun was down, so the room was a bit too dark. It didn’t help that some of the fabrics are black and one is a small herringbone in greys! But you get the idea: I did a heap of work that day! It was nice to have the TV on for company; I don’t need to watch it, just listen to the commentators. I suppose I could have had the radio on, but didn’t think of it.

Today I put in a few hours sorting and clearing space in the second bedroom so I can put things I’m keeping at the apartment in there. Then I can take a few more boxes to my storage unit and the table will be all mine to work on!

Have a great weekend! I’m going to keep plugging along; would love to be cutting out by Monday . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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