That FJ!!

Saturday I went to the US department store I don’t like (but now it’s the only place in walking distance) in the hope of finding more of those lovely fat quarters in greens and corally florals. Well, they must have been encouraged by my having purchased all they had of those two last time! This time I found another 3 packs of the floral and about 8 or 10 of the greens; the FJ took control and guess what? I bought them all!! Then I added two blender packs in yellow to orange to deep reds, plus two more in greens that will go with the patterned greens. The blender packs are bolder and more painterly in appearance. The original purchases are graphic. I have been busy coming up with designs to make with them. I have fallen so deeply in love with the floral that also has tender green vines and leaves that I am keeping those squares for myself. If there was yardage, I would have bought enough for a long, swirly skirt. We’ll see if any more of these surface in the next couple of weeks. Maybe I will end up with a patchwork skirt; or maybe I’ll just hang onto them for a future quilt.

Today I washed and dried all the new acquisitions, photographed them (no uploads yet, sorry, I’ve been busy in the kitchen as well as with family and friends. Soon, though.) and stacked them, organized by colour, ready to iron.

I’m meeting a friend tomorrow after her work; she is bringing me some shelf-sitters she loves to see if I might come up with my own design for some. I will keep you posted.

I almost forgot: I have been to the Sew Sisters store twice now (online, of course). Yesterday I gave in and ordered, along with a couple of other things, some blending thread, kimono thread and some Quilt Patis, which are plastic hexes to make creating the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” flowers easy. I’m very excited about trying these out. That is such a great store and the response time is very impressive. Once I am using them, I will post photos so you can see how it goes.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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