No-Knead Cloverleaf buns, the finale . . .

It got so late last night that I put the dough into an oiled glass measuring cup/bowl, covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the ‘frig for the night. This morning, I took out the bowl and set it into a basin of fairly warm water to wake it up again. When it seemed more interested in some action, I formed 8 larger cloverleaf buns, 8 mini-buns and 1 small round loaf. They do take a while to rise, partly because our apartment is generally kept on the cool side. But eventually, they made it to the oven, thanks to my awesome Mum, who took care of the baking for me. She set the oven for 350 F, not the called-for 400 F, as the dough was fairly heavy from the partial whole wheat flour and the wheat germ. Good thing I like breads on the heavier side!

The first ones out needed perhaps another 10 minutes, but were still perfectly edible. In fact, a couple were inhaled immediately, without benefit of butter . . .mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The minis and the round loaf were dictated by the availability of baking pans. Mum just let the larger buns and the loaf rise and bake a bit longer than the minis.

Here are some pics I took:



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