. . . and MORE fabric!

You’d never know I have an evil twin, would you? (that’s the FJ that I’m referring to) However, today I won out; went to the fabric store with a friend to buy more of what we already bought for a reversible jacket for her. I found more of the zigzag pattern last week, but needed a bit more of the other. It was on at 50% off, so I took a metre. Then I saw some lovely blue and green fabric (this one’s 50% polyester, not my favourite, but those colours . . .) and it was $12/m, at 70% off, so I took 4 metres of that, too. And then I stopped! You may not believe me, but I did!

Now I am home again and a bit tired, so I will be washing the new stuff tomorrow and ironing all the recent purchases plus these last two. Lots of fun! But then, I really DO love ironing! Soon my plastic hexies will arrive in the mail and then look out! Time to move beyond admiring the colours of a growing stack of new fabrics!

Did I mention that I bought a 2.5″ square template that is marked to make 2″ flying geese (or whatever)? That was last time I was in the fabric store; I found a  mini cutting mat, too, that will be just right for cutting the hexies. Life is very good! Not easy, mind, but good!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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