More FQs!!

Note: I posted this yesterday, but it didn’t display, so I have re-done it:

Today I washed 4 more sets of FQs; don’t tnink I’ll get them ironed tonight, but this time I took photos before I washed them. Those are still on my iPhone, so I will upload them later this evening. I see it’s 11:35 now, so I’d better hurry, or I’ll be uploading tomorrow morning! Of course, since you are all snug in your beds, you won’t know . . .

We have people coming at 8:30 either tomorrow or Tuesday morning to check that our windows are OK, so I have spent a good part of the day getting some access to them. They won’t be able to get near the one in the second bedroom, where we have our supplies and things like loom parts and two warping mills stored; not to mention Mum’s lovely antique double-pedestal dining table. Which is sort of invisible just now, ’cause we both have boxes and loose stuff piled on it. But at least they can get into the centre of the room now (-;

When I took breaks, I spent time going through the library craft books, especially one on Sashiko (if you don’t know already, Sashiko is sewing on indigo cloth with white thread or on white cloth with indigo thread. At least, that’s the traditional way; nowadays I think people are using other colours, especially those who are not Japanese.)

I bought two sweatshirts last week, one with an attached hood, the other without. I’m going to upcycle them with some of my new jelly roll fabric to make Japanese-style jackets. I was also researching designs to use as a centrepiece on the back. That’s one place that Sashiko designs would look great, but I’m not ready to take that on yet.

I will be out much of tomorrow, so I may be posting late again. I have lots going on right now, so I hope you understand if I don’t post every day. Of course, if I wait 20 minutes and then post the photos, that should count as one post today and one tomorrow, right? No, I didn’t think so . . .

Nearly forgot to mention . . . but you would have seen it in the photos later anyway . . . the new FQs are NOT greens and oranges! They are blues, purples and pinks!! I’m going to have to dig through the hall closet soon (currently full of my yardage and other crafting/art supplies) and see what colours I already own in FQs; that will be exciting, ’cause I haven’t seen them for months!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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