I’m happy!

Had an intuition earlier today and went down to check the mailbox; and there was my most recent order from Sew Sisters! I felt it was a perfect reward for catching up on the dusting and doing more sorting of stuff on what will be my worktable. The package contained the most exciting purchase: Quilt Patis! These are light plastic hexagrams with a tiny hole in the centre; they are used to make hexes for quilts in the same way as English Paper Patterns. I read the instructions, resisted the urge to start cutting fabric, and started ironing the last  bunch of washed FQs and yardage. I didn’t get the newest fabrics washed yet, but it was a good day. The ironing wasn’t finished, as the phone rang and I was ironing right where the phone chair needs to go. So I came in here to  check some blogs (accidently found some cool new ones, too!) and now to post to my own.

I’m so close to sewing, I can hardly stand it! And then there will be photos to take and post, too . . . have a good night, everyone . . . I’m off soon to finish the ironing, or at least do a bit more.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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