The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Today I am going to take part in The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


Outside my window… the city lights are shining in the darkness and  I can see the traffic moving steadily up and down 97th Street (Edmonton, Alberta)

I am thinking… about starting to sew some projects I plan to sell on Etsy, and of how I plan to embellish them. I am also thinking of several friends going through the first stage of grieving after losing a loved one. Some were expected, another was not. For all of them, it is a rough road still. I am sending them thoughts of peace and healing, of love and light.

I am
thankful… that I have a place to live, that my Mum and my Aunties are still doing well in their late 80s and early 90s. I am thankful for finally finding a place for my creativity to blossom, and for all the bloggers I am meeting around the world. I am thankful to have discovered my top strengths, even at this stage in my life. Life is good.

In the kitchen… my Mum is cleaning up after her supper. There is still a heel fo the last bread I baked, ready for breakfast tomorrow. The floor is shiny and the new red  poinsettia is glowing from the enamel baking shelf of the Hoosier cupboard my Dad refinished and which now belongs to me. My Auny’s old 2 cup percolater sits on top of the IKEA cupboard beside it, waiting for next weekend, when it will be in use again.

I am wearing… jeans and an old mossy green Tshirt I only found again this  morning. And the Chinese embroidered velvet slippers that used to be my Mum’s. I love them!

I am
creating… my new website, my ETSY store and some of the items I will sell there.

I am going… to the grocery store tomorrow, and I hope I get there before the expected snowfall arrives! Before that, I am going to sleep . . .

I am wondering… how to fit all the things I want to learn, do and make into 24 hours a day.

I am
reading… a book by the Dalai Lama on science and spirituality, a murder mystery (The Fugitive King), several books on quilting, sashiko, and printing photos on fabric. Also several magazines. And my usual spiritual books. There may be more . . .

I am hoping… that my creative ideas turn out as well in the material world as they are in the world of my creative imagination.

I am looking forward to… starting all my projects, to walking with a friend soon, to making some Christmas cards.

I am
learning Quilting techniques, blogging, French, to use new software because my usual stuff is all in storage.

Around the house… there is slow but steady improvement. I have sorted several boxes and bags and made a good start on clearing my worktable. My bathroom is cleared out and cleaned every morning. The next pile of boxes to go to storage is getting bigger.

I am pondering… on axioms; the ones I have and what will happen as I change them. And on what would happen if we all changed at least one axiom a year. I’d like to change more frequently than that, but I’m trying to be reasonable here . . .

A favorite
quote for today… “Be content, but not satisfied.” (Edgar Cayce)  Perfect for my life!

One of my favorite things… is colour. Lots of it!

A few plans for
the rest of the week: a trip to the library, walks with a friend, visit with another friend or two, and with my Aunty. Startign to record “The Hobbit” for my grandchildren. Finally cutting some fabric and beginning to sew!!

A peek into my day… Today: Awake early to read a bit, make and eat breakfast, cleaning and sorting, lunch with my Aunty (who came up to visit), ironing, watching the unofficial story of J.K.Rowling, who I love dearly. Supper while watching Jeopardy,  blogging, some work on the website, exchanging texts with a couple of friends. Check FaceBook for messages from family, Twitter my political issues, make up my bed, spend a few minutes on my French and then read for a bit more.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I was given “There is a River” by my doctor in 1970 and it changed my life. She used a lot of treatments from the Readings and was my introduction to alternative medicine. I am still part of a Study Group (on-line) and have used many of the remedies and treatments. I credit learning about Acid-Alkaline balance with my continuing good health. Nice to ‘meet’ someone who knows about him! I’ve been to Virginia Beach twice for Congress and went to the place where his house stood and where he used to fish from his dock. Have you read any of the books written from the Readings? There is a wide variety.

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