Moving on . . .

I have gotten quite a lot done so far today, but not much of it was what I had planned; typical for my days just now. But the bathroom is swished and swiped and the groceries are in, so even if we get the predicted 10″ of snow, with more to come, the pantry, so to speak, is ready. I was so lucky and found prawns cheaper than shrimp, so bought 400g of those plus 200 g of imitation crabmeat. All this so I can use up some frozen fish! But I don’t really like frozen fish that much, so had decided to make a chowder from it tomorrow. We will have lots, I think. A sort of Stone Soup Chowder is what it is . . . and I have petit pois, also frozen, to add, along with some lovely organic carrots. This will be a white chowder and I am so looking forward to it. I think I’ll make some baking powder biscuits to go with it, too. Haven’t had those for a long time. I add wheat germ, which gives it a nutty flavour that makes me just want to inhale the whole lot. I will try to remember to take a photo of the finished products, just to make you all drool . . .

I was so  tired by the time I finished shopping, I treated myself to an extra-large MochaMint Frapp and a Ginger Molasses cookie. Along with the hamburger from last night, that was lunch.

Then, on into blogland! . . . where I met even more sewing/quilting/crafting and just plain interesting bloggers. It’s going to be hard to keep up with it all! Am now waiting to hear if my friend A wants to go for a walk or not. If so, I will bus to the mall, where we will walk for about 40 min, then I will come back to start cutting fabric. A is hosting a small (three person) crafting day this coming weekend, so I need to have work ready to go. Nothing like being motivated from outside! Better than a kick in the pants, though . . .

As I keep saying to my friends, I  really need to plant more thyme . . .



Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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