Sewing, and other stuff

Now that I’ve discovered the blogosphere, I’m learning to pace myself. Every day I visit a few to see what other creative people are up to. And sometimes I just have to leave a comment. At least, this is what I tell myself! Truth is, it’s easier to get lost in blogland than in the woods. Visit a blog, read it, notice the list of ‘blogs I like’ (ok, I don’t just ‘notice’ them, I LOOK for them . . .), check out one (or two, or…), see THEIR list of ‘blogs I follow’ . . . You get the picture, I’m sure. After all, isn’t that how you arrived HERE?

But it’s like all the other things that fascinate me and distract me, so that I abandon the path (temporarily) and wander off through thickets of delight and wonder. Lovely to do, but like chocolate: not meant for the main course. Not that I’ve never had chocolate for a main course, but that was lo, these many years ago . . . but I was speaking of distractions, like books, colour, music, patterns (not the sewing sort, the visual or the mental sort), wildlife, the shift of colours in the landscape as the sun moves across the sky (ok, ok, as the earth turns! Honestly!); my list is endless. My sisters call it ‘a blade of grass’, as in: I’ll be talking with one of tbem and something will catch my eye, or my mind, and suddenly I veer off on a totally unrelated (though interesting) tangent. And they say, “oh, look, a blade of grass!” and then I return to whatever I was saying. Or sometimes I just keep veering off, ’cause tbe world, and what we think is just SO darn interesting . . .

Anyway, I’m finding I need to limit time on other blogs so I have time to write my own (and time to do things worth writing about!). We’ll see how that works . . .

I wasn’t wandering through the blogs for long yesterday, though (which led to the thoughts above); I finished ironing the last of the Fat Quarters (FQs) and the yardage. I have two more patterns to finish and trace onto the Swedish Tracing Paper (more on that another time) and then the cutting begins! How exciting is that?

But that’s not all I did yesterday . . . and that’s in the next post.


2 thoughts on “Sewing, and other stuff

    • Thank you! I am very blessed to have both my Mum and my Aunty. Mum’s mother died when Mum was only 10 and Dad’s mother died while he was overseas in WWII. A young friend just lost her mother, who was only 52. So I am very grateful to still have mine. We are alike and different in many ways, both used to running a home; so it’s not always easy. But it is worth it! To me, love isn’t so much about how we feel about someone; it’s more how we act towards them. That makes it easier when we conflict. It’s not easy for Mum, either, having a ‘child’ couch-surfing in her small suite, but we both do our best to make the best of it. And I value the days; they won’t last forever.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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