I’m back!

I’ve been away from the computer for a couple of days. Thursday night I went to see the premiere of ‘The Hobbit’ at 10:15 pm with my sister. There weren’t many seats left and it was reserved seating onlly, so we ended up way down front. I found the rapid chase scenes a bit much at times. Loved the more thoughtful parts! And, of course, missed the bits they felt didn’t forward the story and left out all together. But it was good.

Friday was challenging with the news out of Connecticut and China of attacks on schoolchildren and by Saturday I wasn’t feeling well (but was over it by the end of the day), so mostly I lay on the couch and read. I really needed a day with no plans. Sunday I went out with a good friend that I hadn’t seen for over two weeks. We went to see ‘The Hobbit’ (yes, again! ~ I’ve waited over 40 years to see this [can’t count that cartoon effort that was tried on a few years ago – yeucchhh!] and it was well worth it. We sat way up near the back, which I normally never do, and I enjoyed the whole thing very much.

Today it’s been family stuff and cleaning, so no creative work yet. I’m hoping to get some done this evening, though. Oh, yeah, I cleared out over 3,000 emails from my Inbox. If I can do that again for 5 more days, my Inbox will be very tidy! And yes, I did have that many! I kept thinking I’d go back and read them, then it just all piled up and I kept ignoring it, thinking they would magically go away. Well, they didn’t . . . so today I went through and selected them by sender, deleting all the ones I will never miss. Not friends or family ones, of course. Just all the news and random sites that I follow when I have time.

Well, more to do, so I’m off for a bit. If I get something done this evening, I will post a photo or two. Have a great evening, those of you who llive west of me, and a good evening tonight or day tomorrow to those to the east . . .

Nearly forgot; I’m making the carrot\sweet potato (yam for me) soup that I found on FrugalFeeding’s blog. That will be supper. Yum, I’m sure!  ~ Linne


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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