I enjoy handwork for many reasons, but it’s late, so I will leave my thoughts on that for another day.
Here’s what I worked on in odd bits of time over the last couple of days:

It’s a little blurry, as it’s late and I didn’t want to turn on the lights. But you get the idea . . . I am finally getting the hexies down; less of the stitching shows and the work goes faster all the time. But I think I need a much larger size if I want to make some of these for a quilt. I’m thinking I can probably find a way to use flowers of different sizes, too. We’ll see . . .


6 thoughts on “Handwork

  1. You make some fantastic things. Your hexies are great!

    I love soup too , could eat it every day, come rain, sunshine or snow!

    How are you getting on with the SEALED POT CHALLENGE. Why not pop over on SEALED POT SUNDAY to share your progress and gain inspiration from others?

    Sft x

    • Dear SFT: Thanks for the reminder; I needed it! I’m out tomorrow, so will look for a container I can decorate. All my stuff (or nearly all) is in storage right now, so I will just begin with a new ‘pot’. Sunday I will make time to visit Sealed Pot Sunday; then I can upload a picture of my ‘pot’; Now I really have to get on it, don’t I?

      Thanks for the compliments, too. I finished the blue one tonight while we had Charlie Brown on the TV. I’ve seen it so often, I don’t really have to look; perfect for handsewing.

      Have a great weekend! ~ Linne

      • SFT, I did find a ‘pot’ to use; it is a large book-shaped box covered in lovely paper. I am going to seal it tomorrow and will start adding to it then. I asked for (and received!) a discount on the box because it was slightly damaged on one of the back edges. Won’t bother me, though. I’m thinking I can make a narrow hole along where the box opens so that I have a way to insert money. Sealing will take some thought, though; I would rather not spoil the box by having to cut it open next year, so I’m still thinking of ways to manage that. No pictures yet; I was at my sister’s over Christmas and only got home later this evening. Tomorrow, if all goes well.

      • Hi, SFT! I ended up buying another box to use for my pot; one I won’t mind opening! My first choice is too lovely to destroy, even with the bit of damage. I have created a new page on my blog to promote the challenge; I included a link to your blog, of course.

      • Saving for Travel: I did get to the site yesterday. The unfinished post I mentioned today was going to include a picture of my ‘pot’; the picture may have to wait a day or two, though.
        However, I’m excited about this project. This is going to be such fun!

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