More Soup!

I love soup! So it was a delight to find new recipes on Frugal Feeding’s blog. But it would help if I read more carefully . . . Yesterday I searched for a recipe I ‘remembered’ seeing on the blog; sweet potato and carrot, I thought, but no, it turned out to be sweet potato and parsnip. As usual, I used the recipe for a guide. I had things to do, so I did no roasting (although I think I will try that in the new year); instead, I washed and thinly sliced one yam, washed, peeled and sliced one parsnip (quite a large one; I think next time I’ll use a small or else half a large parsnip), chopped roughly half an onion and set it a to cook in water and chicken stock powder. I also added garlic powder. Then, ooops! I added white pepper . . . The ooops! Was when I accidently dumped a LOT of pepper, which promptly sank into the broth . . . Once all was cooked, I used the stick blender to reduce it to mush. It was delicious, but MUCH spicier than I prefer. Still, I ate half last night and the rest was supper tonight. Worth making again, for sure.

Next time I have yam, I will try for the mythical yam n carrot soup . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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