After being out all afternoon doing the shopping (with a raging toothache; the first in years), I rewarded myself by making another pot of Frugal Feedong’s Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leek (and Potato) Soup!! I like my new soup mug/bowl and sandwich plate set, so that’s what it’s in; a multiple reward, as I love delicious, nutritious, frugal food AND I love beautiful things, like this set (called Red Gaia) that I found on sale at Winners. Now I’m watching an English series, one of my favourites: Foyle’s War. A perfect evening!!

And tomorrow I shouldn’t need to go out at all, so after some cleaning, I can sew!! Looking forward to that, too!

Did I mention that Fabricland had everything on sale? I did restrain myself; didn’t go anywhere near the Christmas fabrics, but it was so tempting . . . I did splurge a little, though; I found two pairs of those tiny stork scissors in a lovely GREEN! Guess what my favourite colour (and my Mum’s) is . . . those will be put on a ribbon or measuring tape (depends if I can find a green one I like), with a green velveteen pincushion on the other end; a ‘must-have’ for any seamstress. I bought a half-metre of the velveteen today; a bit will go for my embroidered square for the Gipsy Troc Party (Troc = Swap). It needs to get to Belgium before the end of the month, so I will start that tomorrow, too.

Some of the velveteen will be used for a pillow with hanging borders; it will sit on top of the stepstool my Dad made to stand on when he was painting or doing other renovation work. We use it mostly for a footstool now and I thought a nice cushion would make it more comfortable.

I also showed a lot of restraint, you know, when I got to the glass bead section: I only purchased three vials, and ALL of them are for planned projects.

Knowing I need to make a good report on Sunday next (to the Sealed Pot Challenge group) helped me quite a bit. I SO wanted to throw caution to the wind . . . but I didn’t! A wee victory!

Ok, soup is cool enough to eat. Yum!!
Have a great night, my friends!

BTW, there are links to Frugal Feeding’s and Gipsy’s blogs on the right side of my blog. Check them out!


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