Soup, Wonderful Soup!

My lovely and delicious supper . . . the last of the golden soup . . . it’s so easy: I washed (not peeled) a yam and two organic carrots, also one smaller leek and chopped them up. Into a pot with about two cups of water and two rounded teaspoons of Knorr’s Chicken Broth powder. I let it simmer for about a half hour, then threw in a couple of handfuls of roasted, salted cashews. A couple of minutes with the immersion blender and it was ready to go. I had it one night as is and the next night added a sprinkle of garlic powder. Both times I added a teaspoon of butter. Tonight, as you can see, I also had a slice of sprouted grain bread with butter. It doesn’t get much better, especially on a cold winter day!

But I tasted this soup before I heated it up and I could really see serving it cold in the summer . . .


2 thoughts on “Soup, Wonderful Soup!

  1. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I will rake out the wine book and let you know the title. Soup is a great filler upper especially on cold days. I have a freezer full. Chicken bone soup I call it!

    • Thank you very much!
      I have a large stock pot full of the Bone Soup from the Christmas turkeys; it’s sitting out on the balcony, ’cause our weather’s been between -8 and -33 C. Now I’m nearly recovered, I will have to bring it in and remove the bones… I plan to use some of this as stock for the lovely veg soups. I like that better than the chicken broth powder, although that’s not too bad.

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