Distraction leads to disaster . . .

Well, it was minor, as disasters go, but I’m still upset about it. I was transferring the photos from my iPhone to a flash drive today. I was interrupted briefly, then noticed that the transfer had stopped. I didn’t check to see if the photos had gone to their new home properly; instead, I deleted them. Aaarrrgggghhhhh!!! Because, for some reason, none of them made it home and I could not figure out a way to ‘undo’ or ‘restore’ or any of that good stuff. It was a total of two weeks’ picture taking, including a few family videos that I really wanted to keep. Oh well, lesson learned: pay attention and think before deleting!

The bright light in all this: because the phone was full, I had no way to photograph the square before it went off to Belgium, so I scanned it instead. Those scans are all I have of it now; but at least I have a record.

I think I am too impulsive at times. Perhaps this will be corrected one day. You think??

At times like this, I like to remember King David, who made many huge and memorable mistakes, but he learned from each one and never repeated them. Oh, to be like him!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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