Back again!

I’ve been away at a sister’s from early Thursday morning until this afternoon. I met up with my walking friend and we walked through one of the larger malls (including the big store aisles, too); then we had a bubble tea followed by supper so we could chat some more and catch up. We haven’t walked for about six weeks, what with the Christmas crowds, being away during the holidays, then taking turns hosting illness of one sort or another. But today we are moving back to normal (is that a place or just a State of Mind??) I forgot to mention that during the shop, I found some cute little T-shirts and infant ‘diaper vests’ (never heard that term before; I guess it’s the new thing . . . ). Home and a visit with my Aunty and then my Mum, so now it’s late and I am talked out. I have done some fun things, but nothing creative to write about.

Wait! I did! I have been knitting a sweater (if I’m lucky, it will be finished before the intended wearer – currently a one-year-old – is too old for it); I llearnd the ‘Interweaving’ method of knitting a week or so ago on a weekly PBS Seattle show called “Daily Knitting TV”. I am using acrylic yarns so the sweater can be worn lots and laundered easily. The main colour is a Christmassy red and the woven yarn accent is a deep pink. I am designing this sweater as I go, so it will be interesting to see how it develops. I may post a photo tonight; otherwise, you can come back here tomorrow to see one. It took me a bit to get the tension right on the woven strand, so you will notice that in places the pink bits are a little loose; later I will take a crochet hook and tighten those up. This is a fun project, just right for when I’m visiting or riding the bus. Have a good night, everyone!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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