Global warming?

This is what I woke up to this morning, and it stayed that way all day:

20130130-212706.jpgJack Frost was certainly busy last night! It’s weird, how the temperature keeps swinging from above freezing (+8 last week and an expected +3 this coming weekend) to an abysmal -43 (yesterday) or -32 (today). The best thing was not having to go out (and not having the hot water baseboard heaters fail, as they did last year – we kept warm only because they did stay a teeny bit warm, and we kept the oven on, with the oven door open, through the daytime hours – it took 3 days before it was fixed and the thermostat replaced) and also great is eating home-made soup for supper . . . (see previous post) Stay warm, you in the Northern Hemisphere (you on the other half will be wanting to stay cool, I expect, with perhaps cold soup for your supper)


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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