Knitting Progress

Yesterday and today, most of my breaks were used to work on my Girl’s Interweaving Knitted Cardigan. I usually work on both fronts or both sleeves at the same time, but as this piece started out as an exploration of a new (to me) technique, I began with one piece, which I soon saw would make a cute cardi. Today, I thought the red piece was probably up to the armholes, but had not decided what style I wanted. Also, I need to check directions so I have at least a vague idea of what I am doing next. But research takes time . . . So I did what I usually do: I started the second side!

The first side’s weaving is a bit loose in places (which I can tighten up later with a crochet hook), but the second piece looks just right! Here are some photos: two fronts in progress:



20130203-234700.jpg To maximize yarn use, I decided to make the two fronts reverse images of each other. I’m not sure how far these two balls will go, so the back and sleeves may be different colours again . . . I do love the accidents of designing as I go . . . but I know I drive some (more organized) people crazy . . . still, they shall remain nameless, to protect the author of this piece!

In my mind, I’ve also been designing a couple of quilted cushion covers. But no sewing until I get my stuff in the back bedroom sorted so we can get in there again! Good thing I take breaks, isn’t it?


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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