Today (Wed) I was invited out with a friend, so not much was done at home. After lunch at a favourite Vietnamese restaurant we went to my favourite Indie book store, then on to two second hand book stores! After that, nachos at a small place that was new to me (I don’t eat out too often).

I was SO pleased with a couple of finds at the second hand stores: first, three (THREE!!!) books by Albert Payson Terhune (you’ve likely never heard of him), whose books I discovered in elementary school and which I re-read for years. I haven’t seen them for ages now, and had given up hope of ever seeing them again, but, no, there they were! They cost me a whopping $3.95 for one and $4.95 each for the other two . . . I thought I’d read all his books, but as far as I remember, I’ve not read ANY of these!! Can you tell I’m excited??? Here’s a picture of tbe covers:

20130207-005916.jpg They were copyrighted (and printed) in 1923, 1925 and 1927. I love the old cloth covers (REAL books -to me!!!)

But that’s not all . . . I did find some of the thought-provoking sci-fi/fantasy books I was looking for, but it was THIS that was the other real find:


20130207-010510.jpg and THIS was all of $3.95!!!

Did you see that it’s a “facsimile of the 1882 edition”? I’m a pretty quiet person, which is a good thing, or I’d have been jumping for joy! I nearly passed this one up, too, because all the other books on that shelf were nearly $20 each; then, the second time I went past it, I had a closer look and saw the actual price . . . and then I opened it and saw what is inside! Needlework instructions for types of work I’ve never tried; in some cases I’d seen examples of a type of needlework, in photos or belonging to someone, but never known what it was called. In other cases I knew a little, but not enough.

Now I’m set to get the organizing done PDQ, as I have lovely adventures waiting for me . . .

Did I mention that there are over 800 illustrations? all wood engravings! Check these out!



I love knowing that, when the original was printed, Queen Victoria still had nearly 20 years to reign and my grandparents had not yet been born . . . and women were the mistresses of their homes, with a multitude of skills, including many of these. (no wonder my mother always said I was born a hundred years too late . . .)

So, a day well-spent!!
No apology for the ‘over-use’ of punctuation, either!! If I were telling you all this over a cup of tea, believe me, you would ‘hear’ those exclamation marks!!!


4 thoughts on “Books!!

  1. I was born a hundred and fifty years too late! You are so lucky to have found those wonderful old books – I love “hunting” in used book stores for those kinds of treasures too, not to mention sit around knitting all day…or reading….or writing. My mom says I have an old soul. You must have one, too. ❤

    • Thanks, Stacy! I try not to go into book stores, used or new; also fabric stores, yarn stores, wood n tool places . . . I’m safe in jewellery or most clothing stores, though . . . but BOOKS . . . sigh . . .

      • LOL!! I’m very hard to fit, so avoid shoe stores like the plague. I did finally break down and buy boots this winter, after 13 winters just wearing runners. I usually buy skateboarder shoes and they fit tightly enough around the ankles that the snow never gets in. Couldn’t find any this last fall, so bought Airwalks instead. Not the skater Airwalks, just runners. But at least they’re all black and go with pretty much anything.

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