On my way to somewhere else in blogland . . . I spied a blade of grass . . .

Did you ever have this happen to you? I don’t expect you have, as no doubt you are organized and focused, staying on track no matter what. I have to confess that I am not any of those, at least not consistently. Even when I am talking to someone about something, a stray thought will cross my mind and pop out of my mouth, causing friends (and worse, strangers) to look at me in a puzzled way . . . my sisters call this “Oh, look, a blade of grass!” so when one of us says this, the other knows she has just slid completely off the track and onto some new and fascinating train of thought.

So, having just done what I am writing about (but I DID have to explain the title of this post, didn’t I?), I’m getting back on the original train now: I was checking out a few of my ‘favourited’ blogs to see what my friends in blogland are up to today and ended up clicking on links, finding new and enthralling sites, clicking on THEIR links, and  . . . you guessed it! I have now ‘followed’ a whole pile of new blogs, not to mention all the blogsites I’ve added to my  ‘favourites’. Here are a couple you may be interested in:

I just discovered this website: http://hooksandyarns.blogspot.ca/2010/08/my-crochet-hooks.html; the tutorial for making the handles is very well done. Check it out!

Another site: http://sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.ca/. Sue makes blankets for elders, hospices and more, She has links to patterns and a page about her ‘challenges’; if you want to take part in a challenge, make sure you note the deadlines. From the squares she receives, she creates lovely afghans for the organizations she supports. All not-for-profit! A true angel, isn’t she! She is happy to receive donations, too; those are put toward the cost of yarn, etc. If you are sending knitted or crocheted blocks, please note her request to contact her first: packages she receives are currently subject to customs charges. Personally, I think charitable donations should be exempt from customs; what do you think?

AND, while visiting The Green Dragonfly, I found pictures of the most incredible crocheted owls! She had a link to the designer’s blog, so of course I had to go there, too! And another favourite was found!! Go to Bunny Mummy to see how to make your own. If you start now, you will be ready for Christmas (or somewhat ready LOL) . . .

That wasn’t all I found, of course . . . but it’s all I have time to add now. We have a lovely sunny day and I’m off for the weekly grocery run. Hope you are all getting more sun (well, if you live on the northern part of the planet). ~ Linne


2 thoughts on “On my way to somewhere else in blogland . . . I spied a blade of grass . . .

  1. Don’t worry I have a similar attention span. It drives my husband insane because I start and don’t finish a million things at once! How cool are those crochet hook handles? I’m going to try them!!!

    • It comes from the way our brains function; neither good nor bad, just different, but most people think differently, so they don’t understand; the worst is, they often think if we only would try, we could be like them. But I have tried and now I don’t bother anymore. I just LOVE starting new things and I’m not so fond of most of the finishing; I get discouraged and start something else instead. Are we just serial makers? It drove my husband crazy, too. But he was an artist, so generally more patient than some men.

      I was thinking that those crochet handles would make great gifts (well, with the hooks in them; you know what I mean, I hope!). Did you see my note on using a dedicated coffee grinder to temper (soften) and even mix or marble the polymer clay? If not, let me know and I’ll give you the instructions. It saves your hands, believe me! Do post pictures when you have some done; I’d love to see them. It will be a while before I do any; a) my FIMO/SCULPEY is in storage somewhere (I could buy more, but that’s partly how I came to own so much in the way of supplies already); b) it’s way too cold here to be out on the balcony, which is where I would be baking them (the fumes are toxic); c) I know I put a toaster oven into my storage, but am not sure if I can get to it easily. If not, I will see about finding another one at a thrift shop here. So, it will be spring before I get going. Have a great week, Karen! ~ Linne

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