I think I’m a tortoise . . .

I haven’t reported on anything for a couple of days, but I have been nibbling away at a new organizing challenge; I have a large closet, not deep, but it runs nearly the length of Mum’s apartment hallway. When I first moved up here, I put a 3-drawer dresser in the middle, along the back wall, then a 2-door cupboard on top of that. I filled them with fabric I wanted to work with.

Unfortunately, as I kept moving things up, the space in front was filled with boxes and bags of things to store. Now I couldn’t get at my fabric. Of course, the Fabric Fairy was happy to remind me that there was more out there and took me right to the sales . . . but that’s a story I’ve told before . . .

A couple of days ago, I had a sort of ‘landslide’ in the closet, caused by my opening the accordion door a bit and tossing some large towels on top of the pile. After I closed the door (and thanks be that the door has a strong magnetic closure), I heard the soft sound of slippage . . . but I was scared to open the door again and look. Over the next couple of days the door slowly bulged out a bit into the hall as the landslide continued.

This must have been the slowest slide in history (and I’m grateful for that, too!). Anyway, yesterday, I pulled out most of the offending heap, stacking it in the living room. I washed the floor. Then I took some time to think about how I would put things back again. Overnight I had a sort of Eureka! moment; I realized that I have two yarn cupboards (from the now-defunct Lewiscraft store I once managed) sitting outside on Mum’s balcony.

So here’s what’s going to happen today: I’m going to pull out the rest of the fabric, fill the dresser and cupboard with items that need storing, but which I don’t need to access for some time. Then I’m bringing in the yarn cupboards, washing them down and stacking them in front of the dresser and cupboard.

The fabric can be stored there; I’ll be able to see it when I’m trying to decide what I’m going to make next (I have to be able to look at it because colour is vital to me when I’m designing anything); even more important, I’ll be able to get the fabric OUT and use it! Lately I’ve been thinking of various pieces and wishing I could get at them for a couple of projects I’m planning. And then there’s the red bouclé fabric . . . I bought a 1920s pattern to make a lovely cocoon coat out of this fabric, then couldn’t get to it. It won’t be soon, but at least when I’m ready, there will be nothing to stop me.

I was happy to find some Fat Quarters (FQs) in there that I bought aeons ago; these will be added to the newer stash and something interesting will come out of that, I’m sure. Did I mention the large-format softcover book I found in the library? It’s called “Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters” and it has a plan that I just love for making what I’m thinking of as ‘surprise’ or ‘happy accident’ quilts. I was able to get some crib-size batting the last time I went into the dreaded store, so now all that’s holding me back are the unfinished Christmas sewing projects and now re-organizing the closet.

I wish I could show you what I am doing, but my iPhone refuses to take any more photos, even though I dumped a bunch of them onto a flash drive; I will see what I can do about the rest of the pictures on there later today. Then I should have a lovely fabric arrangement to show you! And Mum will have an emptier living room! Win-Win, as they say. So now I’m off to get on that . . .

Afterthought: were you wondering why I used that caption for this post? ’cause I’m a very slow maker, that’s why; at least I am when I don’t have an organized space in which to work. Maybe I’ll turn into a hare when this is finished . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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