Moving steadily forward . . .

. . . towards organization. Well, as much of it as will fit in here, anyway! I’ve managed to clear out half the second bedroom between Tuesday and today.

I made a great stew for supper, which we will eat presently, too. I was in a hurry, so didn’t take photos of any of the process. But I do have one of the meat and another of the simmering pot (minus the bones, which were just too large to leave in once I was ready to add the flour and the peas). I’ll post those later.

Back to thoughts of organization. I’m bringing in a couple of cupboards (did I mention this before? – can’t remember) after I give them a good wash on the balcony. They have been out there for a year and are pretty dirty (we live directly above one of the busiest streets in Edmonton). THEN I will have a good photo to post! I’m saying this ‘out loud’, so to speak, so that I won’t be tempted to quit once I’ve eaten and not get this last bit finished. After that step, the process should become easier.

I moved the two warping mills and the loom pieces, too, and vacuumed carpet as each section was exposed. It wasn’t dirty; more dusty. Anyway, now I have a nice clean area just waiting for those cupboards!

The other thing, today, was that when I took a break to drink my water, I checked some of the blogs I follow and was very excited to find a great story of a musician I’ve never heard of before; Jesus Rodriguez. I’ve added the link to that post on the ‘Music’ page, but here it is, too:

Anyone with children (or who has raised children) will likely laugh at this post:

. . . not to mention his adventures with gourmet cooking:

I won’t spoil any of these for you by giving you details; you have to go read for yourself. but I read the gourmet cooking post first and laughed out loud through the reading. It SO reminded me of when my sons were small. Lots of fun. Oh, did I mention that 23 Thorns was Freshly Pressed? (if you don’t know what that means, it means featured by the WordPress people, so I expect he will have lots of new readers soon)


4 thoughts on “Moving steadily forward . . .

  1. You have left lovely, long comments on my blog posts and I’ve been too cloudy-headed to reply properly. So, I’m just swinging by here and saying…where are those cupboard pictures? ^^ 😉

    • Kriscinda, lovely to hear from you! Hope you are well mended and back to your usual life. As to the cupboard pictures; I have the cupboards in place (not quite as I’d imagined; the shelf in the closet won’t let me stack them vertically) and filled with most of the fabric. I regret to say that I uploaded pictures to my online Canadian organizing group, then forgot to upload them here as well. Next time I’m on my iPhone, I can upload them here, too. Warning: the fabrics are not folded perfectly and all tidy; some are, but others were rolled or just stuck in however they fitted. I was aiming for “progress, not perfection” as FLYlady says . . .
      ~ Linne

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