My sewing machine

This is the kind that has drop-in disks for doing fancy stitches; one of the pioneer machines. Mum’s is a cabinet machine (forget what model); hers us computerized, but not as fancy as what’s out there nowadays. She and my Dad both used it; he made himself some shirts, including a ‘Hawai’ian’ one, as well as a great denim jacket; Mum did some sewing, too, but mainly quilting.


4 thoughts on “My sewing machine

    • Yes, I sure did! Dad could make or do just about anything, including things he was told were impossible. When he asked at the stained glass store about bending glass, they said he would need a special kiln or some such (can’t remember the details now); he went home, piled sand in an old wheelbarrow, put in something metal that was curved the shape he wanted, got out his Tiger Torch and bent the glass! Mum still has the lovely ‘vase’ he made from those first four pieces. He joined them in the centres but didn’t add a bottom. The pieces curve out from the join to form legs at the bottom and also flare out at the top. Dad was very musical, too, as was his mother before him. I never met her, but she could pick up any instrument, run her hands over it a few times and begin to play . . . all my sibs are musical, but none to that degree. A few of our kids are, though. My Dad was an inventor, too, but never got around to doing anything with his inventions. His stained glass was lovely. The last house they lived in, he removed a door upstairs that had led onto an unsafe balcony, then made a stained glass window to replace the door once the balcony was removed. The new window had a blossoming tree the full height, with a landscape in the background.

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