Still organizing . . . and building my stash higher!

I’m nearly 3/4 finished with the re-organizing. So I bought a few quarter-yards of fabric on Sunday to fill in gaps in my stash. I hope that works; I didn’t take any swatches with me to the store, but sorta remembered what colours/values I needed. At least I know for sure that what I bought will blend with the existing stash.

I absolutely LOVE colour! (did I mention that before? once or twice??). So yesterday, I did a library run for Mum and myself and took time to check out the quilting books. I found a couple of great ones (along with a book on how to knit both socks at the same time on one circular needle (this will be handy, ’cause I found my grey-brownish sock yarn stash on the weekend; I’ve been wanting to make myself a pair of socks for some time, but had resisted the urge to buy more sock yarn. There has to be a limit somewhere . . . I think . . .).

I have to change out loads in the dryer now; then back to organizing. Will have to post more about the colour book later. I browsed through it over breakfast and was very impressed; by the book itself, but also by the quilts that were inspired by nature photographs. The same photo often inspired two or three very different quilts.

These are too advanced for my sewing skills, I think; I’m planning to start with the clothing that is half-finished, then go on to make some simpler quilts for practise.

OK, back to work for me!


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