The Word for Wednesday ‘was’ …

Mea culpa!
I was going to post yesterday, but was interrupted and forgot to finish . . .

So . . . the Word is ‘axiom’.
No groaning n moaning out there, now!

Do you remember axioms from geometry class? (those and the algebra classes were when boring arithmetic morphed into fascinating mathematics . . . at least it did if you had my teacher!

Mr. Mackie (I think that’s the correct spelling; if not, I hope he’s not reading this . . .) was the first teacher to introduce alternative systems of math to me. He gave me ‘Flatland’ to read, too; one of the first mind-altering books I would encounter in school.

But I digress . . . (yes, another ‘blade of grass’ . . .

Axioms stuck in my mind, though, and caused me to think differently. Not then, but over the years.

In case you’ve forgotten, geometry is based on a set of axioms; statements which cannot be proven, but which are used to prove all other statements from then on. Axioms are accepted as true, taken on faith, if you will . . .

So I was thinking about that and how it related to Life and I realized something: we all have axioms on which we base our judgements, decisions and actions.

An example of one of those axioms might be “It’s a dog-eat-dog world”. How often human actions are based on that . . .

Think about it. What’s one of your axioms?

More on this later . . .


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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