Back to handsewing

I have not been idle these past couple of days and now I have something to share: while visiting with my Aunty over two days (and two hockey games!) I started using one of my Jelly Rolls and stitched this:

The lighting isn’t great, but I don’t have time to fuss…

I have a small pillow I love with a worn cover; if it’s not too big, this will be the front of a new cover. Not sure yet if I will piece a back, too, or just use plain fabric. I’m leaning toward piecing, but a different pattern; then I’d have two pillows in one!! As they say . . . watch this space . . .


4 thoughts on “Back to handsewing

  1. What a fab idea. You know I never thought of having cushion covers with different sides!
    Or you could have 2 cushions with mixed but yet matching. I would love to see what you decide to do with them.

    • Thanks a lot! I’ve always loved design, although I have no training. I do think I’m going to piece the back, too; as you say, then I can use them with either side forward. I’ll have a look at my Jelly Roll stash (new, but growing) and see what would co-ordinate with a binding that will also suit what I’ve just done. I will definitely be posting photos once I do more! ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Stacy. I think I’m slow; it’s just that I had several hours in which to work. When I was younger, I did all my sewing by hand; usually long dresses or skirts; even the Folkwear ‘Irish Cloak’, fully lined, topstitching and all! I haven’t seen it for several years, so think it was somehow ‘lost’ along the way. I still have the pattern, though, and hope to make another one someday. Did you see the quilt being raffled off? Now THAT’s handsewing! (and handquilting!). I’d love to do one like that, but should have started years ago; nowadays I have too much on my plate. Unless, of course, I begin one and work on it at odd moments for the next umpteen years . . . so like me . . . ~ Linne

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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