Motto Monday: Arts & Crafts Beauty by Craftsman Wil van der Pijl

This sounds SO much like me! I need several lives to finish what I’ve already started; do I work on those projects? Nope! But I do start new ones . . . is there hope for me? I doubt it, and if there is, please don’t tell me now . . . ~ Linne

The Arts and Crafts Bungalow

The Lyfe so short, The Craft so Long to Lerne – Geoffrey Chaucer

While snooping around Craigslist over the past few weeks I stumbled across these beautiful wooden mottos and arts and crafts frames.  Craftsman Wil van der Pijl, who lives in Victoria, BC, is responsible for the creation of these stunning  hand-crafted pieces. He very kindly wrote something about himself and his work.  His company name is Woods of Wisdom.
Wil van der Pijl Arts and Crafts Motto

Wil van der Pijl

I’m 53 years old, born in the Netherlands and a proud husband of my beautiful wife Mary, daughter Denise and her husband Quinn, my Son Marc and Daughter Kimberley. And of course I am a very proud grandfather (Opa) of my two beautiful grandsons Ethan and Mason.

I thoroughly enjoy my part time job as a childcare worker in which I have the opportunity to work with adolescents who have mental disabilities. My hobbies include Photography, Reading, gardening…

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