MY leaf photo!

Here is my leaf picture, taken yesterday. The leaf is from our autumn, some months ago. The photo I re-blogged of rabidlittlehippy’s leaf is from her autumn, just beginning now . . .



7 thoughts on “MY leaf photo!

    • Yes; it’s actually a rather uninteresting wee leaf on its own. But it fell on our apartment outside stairs and was under the snow all winter (well, technically it’s still winter here, but today felt a bit springy and the snow is off many of the sidewalks now; we are supposed to get more, so I’m not getting my hopes up). As I came home that day, I happened to look down and something in the way the sun glinted off the bits of ice and water caught my eye. So I backed up a couple of steps and took photos. I’m sure I looked mad to the drivers rushing by in the street!

      You know, thanks to blogland, I have connected with many people in the other hemisphere. It’s fun to enjoy their seasons even as we go through ours here. Several people near you are madly harvesting and preserving, which I miss very much. And now many of you are looking forward to relatively slower lives, slow-cooked soups and stews on the back of the woodstove, home-baked bread, time to sew and craft, not to mention read and listen to music. While here am I, looking forward to salads and fresh fruit, especially the soft stone fruits from BC (my home province). So I live vicariously through my blogger friends even while I enjoy my own current days. And all the crafters such as yourself! who actually finish projects! me, too, and soon, I hope. ~ Linne

      • Well on really hot days here I love looking at photos of ice and snow, I find it very cooling. It’s rare to get snow in Melbourne but we still get cold, grey days and winds blowing up from Antarctica which can feel very chilly.

        Don’t worry about looking mad to people in the street, I often attract neighbours when I photograph in my front garden wondering what on earth I’m doing!

      • Melbourne sounds much like Victoria, B.C.; I spent much of my life in that area. I’ll take blowing rain over -30 or -40 when it hurts to breathe! Never thought I’d ever miss rainy winters; I hated the damp and greyness when I first moved down to Vancouver Island…
        I never got yo fo much winter gardening, but it’s possible most years and I’d certainly do it if I lived there now!

      • I think I often look mad; long grey hair wisping about in the wind and all that… I’ve never let it stop me, though. I often see interesting tiny things and try to capture them in a photo.

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