The word for Wednesday is:


. . . which is what you are if you eat some of the run-of-the-mill pre-grated parmesan cheeses. Did you know that? When I discovered that I was being ‘tricked’ into becoming xylophagous, I began reading labels much more carefully.

Have you guessed the meaning? No? Want me to tell you? Well . . .

ok, ok, it means ‘wood-eating’. Cellulose is wood, and cellulose is what you will find in most of the so-called Parmesan cheese in our grocery stores. Did you also know that in Europe Parmesan cheese is only allowed to contain three ingredients: milk, salt and rennet? It’s true! I wonder why we get not only cellulose, but also Potassium Sorbate and Cheese Cultures in our most familiar green-packaged 100% grated ‘Parmesan’?

Anyway, that’s the word for this Wednesday. See if you can work that into a conversation . . .


9 thoughts on “The word for Wednesday is:

    • Yes; I wish I didn’t have to, but probably not in my lifetime . . . CBC tv here has a show called Marketplace and they frequently cover what is called ‘greenwashing’. They actually contact manufacturers and get information in some cases; and they show the packages of products with misleading labels that imply the product is ‘green’ when in reality it is not. If I marketed a food as 99% organic and the other 1% was strychnine, I doubt that food would do you much good . . . Many of the products they have reviewed are along that line. You may be able to see some of the shows online; try googling “CBC TV” and “marketplace” and “greenwashing”. I’ve been reading labels for some time, but am becoming more and more intense about it. ~ Linne

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