Čapek’s The Gardener’s Year: Seeds

For my gardening friends (if you’re harvesting just now, this will be useful as you plan over the winter). Good info on making your own starter pots for seeds. ~ Linne

Heavy Metal Homesteader

Of seeds, Čapek wrote:

Some people say that charcoal should be added, and others deny it; some recommend a dash of yellow sand, because it is supposed to contain iron. Others, again, recommend clean river sand, other peat alone, and still others sawdust. In short, preparation of the soil for seeds is a great mystery and a magic ritual.


When I started looking for materials with which to start my seeds, I hit Home Depot and Lowe’s just to see what was available. I found a weird situation: first, the vermiculite was cleaned off the shelves, which made me think, boy, I must be starting late or something. But then when I asked about just plain seedling trays (sans the pre-made compressed compost thingys), we were told that “they’re probably in the back; we haven’t processed them yet.”

So, on one hand, the vermiculite was flying off the…

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