Back to Basics: cutting and sewing

I’ve been busy with a variety of things, but here’s a couple of the latest creative efforts:

This is my small square tray that I use to carry some of my handwork in. At the top you can see stacks of 2.5″ squares cut from three of my ‘jelly rolls’ of fabric. At the bottom are some of the strips, neatly folded. I’m not sure how clearly it shows up, but leaning against the upper stacks is a strip made by stitching three of the squares together (same fabric; sort of mauve with a black design). Here’s a close-up of the strip:

It still needs ironing.


10 thoughts on “Back to Basics: cutting and sewing

    • Now you ARE lucky I live across the globe (and don’t have my Star Gate yet). I’d feel compelled to visit and introduce you to a lovely, time-tested means of meditating while smoothing out the wrinkles in your life (doesn’t do as much for the ones on the face, though, so don’t bother trying . . .). I love ironing, but I know none of my friends do; they think I’m a bit odd. Little do they know . . . My Mum taught me by letting me iron small things like hankies (before tissues) and teatowels (they don’t need it, in fact are more absorbent without ironing, but they do look lovely, all smooth and folded). Oh, well, enough about that. Don’t want to be ‘un-followed’ LOL ~ Linne

      • I love other people’s ironing and poor Bezial must have been Oscar Wilde in a past life because he adores clean freshly ironed linen 😉

      • So long as it smelled of washing detergent (sufficiently flowery of course) and he got some nice soft boots to go with it (he had an accident when he was a pup and jumped out of a moving car and hurt his foot) and he could lay in the sunshine upside down on the deck he would be the happiest little Oscar Wilde this side of the peacos! (Maybe THAT is why is refuses everything except steak for his tea! 😉 )

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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