More of today’s sewing, and a new hexie!

Today, I cut more squares from a new jelly roll; this set is mostly browns, blues and greens. I don’t have any pictures yet.

Every jelly roll I buy goes first to make six squares (so long as I haven’t already used those fabrics). If I am cutting yardage, I cut a 2.5″ strip long enough to make six squares. These are for two very long-range projects.

The collection of single, unique squares will eventually become a “postage stamp” type of quilt top. The sets of five matching squares will become another quilt top, one composed of crosses, each one different from all the rest.

You can see why these are long-range projects; if I remember correctly, a king-size quilt is 108″ x 108″. That means 54 squares each way, for a total of 2,916; that’s 2,916 different fabrics! Now I have a fair-sized stash, but nowhere near that many . . .

I’ve been thinking of doing a swap, but first I would need to cut sets for swapping and sort them by colour . . . and life is a bit busy just now, so swapping may have to wait a while.

I do have a photo of the latest hexie, though, and it uses three of the new fabrics; today I cut the squares, formed the petals with my plastic ‘quilt patis’, then stitched six of the petals to the seventh hex. Here it is, ready to finish tomorrow (the petals need to be stitched to each other, once I remove the template from the hub):

Sorry about the lighting, I guess the iPhone flash isn’t enough on its own, but it’s late and I don’t want to turn on the main lights. Can you tell that the centre is orange and brown, in a sort of tiger stripe?


4 thoughts on “More of today’s sewing, and a new hexie!

    • I’m not really talented; I just do stuff. No idea if my corners will line up or not. My Mum taught quilting years after I left home, but I’ve never had any lessons. Just read and try. We’ll see what happens once I have enough of these to make a section; each strip goes 3 of a kind, 1 (bottom) from the cross above, 1 (top) from the cross below, 3 of a kind again. The 3s are the centre strip of the crosses. See the photo; it should help a lot.

  1. Ah hexagrams. I love them. Yes I can see the Tiger stripe and I love “long term, on the go” projests. 🙂

    • I have a nice little stack of hexies now. Will continue to make them until some bright idea comes along and snags me… I think I’m going to buy a larger size of pati; then the work will go more quickly.

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