Three more FOs (also not recent)

My tiny teddy; handsewn and 6.5″ tall:



20130316-110201.jpgThe last photo is a close-up of his hind paws; toes on all paws are defined by stitching.

This is my knitted poncho; I fell in love with the colour and had to show it off in the store. Super easy pattern; a rectangle with a large single cable. One end is stitched to the top of one side, then I crocheted around the neck to make holes for the crocheted drawstring. Front is pointy; back is rounded.


Best for last! This crocheted shawl is my own design. It has occasional rows of spaced holes (see close-up), a knotted fringe (last photo) and is built up a bit on the sides as I wanted it wider and not so pointy. It’s over six feet wide and if I roll it a bit at the neck, the tips of the bottom fringe touches my ankles. It’s unidentified fibres, is soft and snuggly. If I’m chilly, I sometimes fold it and use it as a lap robe.






25 thoughts on “Three more FOs (also not recent)

  1. Thanks for posting these. They were fun to look at. The Bear is delightful and I love the color of the Poncho. Every one needs a Shawl that can double as a lap robe. I have one but it isn’t quite big enough and I actually just purchased some yarn for another which I will show when I make it.

      • 😛 I feel your longing . . . and I can tell you how to make one for yourself (hahahahahaha). Actually, it’s easy if you already crochet. Green is definitely MY colour, but I’ll share . . . and happily, too. ~ Linne

  2. You not only finish projects – you are talented in so many different crafts….and you can design your own patterns, to boot! You inspire me to get a move on with my knitting project that I’ve set aside for a few days now. ❤

  3. Your little teddy is so full of character! My friend Anne used to make handmade bears. She would buy up old fur coats from thrift shops specifically for the purpose and had a business called “Annemade bears” I like the name :). She is a graphic designer now but her bears were gorgeous much like yours and she specialised in teeny tiny bears :). I got excited when I saw the words “super easy pattern” and then deflated almost instantly when I saw the word “cable”…sigh…I am in LOVE with that shawl! It is exactly what I want to make (I crochet better than any other craft I do albeit sporadically) for our cold winters here in Tassie. Do you have a pattern that you can share with us Linne? Whatever the yarn is it is lovely and “bitsy” my favourite kind :). I salute your craft abilities girl, you rock! 🙂 Consider your shawl an object of envy and adoration from the other side of the world 🙂

    • OK, I’m ignoring most of your post, but your reaction to ‘cable’ caught my eye . . . do you KNOW how easy that is? This uses big yarn and is knit on large needles, so very, every easy. However, you can crochet a rectangle and end up with the same thing. Let me know what you want to do and I’ll help you get there, ok? ~ Linne

      • Cheers Rabid…I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the crafts and am thinking quite simple in a shawl as I would like to wear it this winter and if it is too complicated it is going to end up in a bag somewhere under the bed (with the dust bunnies and Earl 😉 )

      • Nope, it’s not complicated. As a matter of fact, you can make one of these with a rectangle of fabric (the right size, of course). If you’re not feeling confident, make a small one first and give it to some lucky little girl . . . ~ Linne

      • I’ve always wanted to try German crochet and knitting! Just to learn them, I suppose. I’ve seen it done and it’s very fast, especially when they get into two colour knitting like Fair Isle. I have a design for one of those sweaters in my head, too and have been gathering yarn for it for some time. I was making cute knitted teddies; I used two balls of Astra together for each one and what was left of each colour (different for each Ted) was set aside for the sweater. I plan to call it my ‘Teddy’ sweater. That yarn is all acrylic (all I could afford when I began); now I want to start saving real wool for a second sweater of my own design, as I love wool beyond all reason. I must have been a shepherdess in another life . . . ~ Linne (interesting; when I mis-type my name, it comes out ‘Linen’!!!)

        And you’re right, Rabid; cabling is super-easy! Some time in the coming week (after my cousin returns, I should have time to post the directions. Then we’ll see who goes ‘cable-mad’ 😛

      • I LOVE it Linen! 😉
        Such a pity we live in nearly polar opposite Victoria’s. I so wish we could, along with Fran, all have a right old yarn session in both senses of yarn. 😉

      • Oh, me too, Rabid! A trip to Australia, NZ and now Tasmania has been added to my list for when I win the big one! 🙂
        We could do a little road trip together and visit everyone’s home place. What fun that would be! (and maybe Corrie-Lyn from ‘Homesteading on a One Dollar Dream’ would be another kindred spirit to include?) ~ Linne
        p.s. I’m not in Victoria anymore; not even in Beautiful BC; I came to Edmonton, Alberta in May 1999 for four months to help out while my Dad was ‘recovering’. He did not recover and then I stayed on in case my Mum ever needed help. She is very independent still, so I only do heavy cleaning, groceries and laundry. She cooks for herself and does some of the light cleaning. But now I’m lucky to be able to support my Aunty. I wish I could go on doing that, but I don’t think it’s in the stars, unfortunately. Anyhow, Mum had planned to move back to BC with Dad once he was better; then she was going to go back when my sister was able to go with us, and so on. So we are still here. It’s not that bad, but I work hard not to like it too much (I get attached to people, places and things very easily – it’s my ‘Input’ strength I found out) and my sister on the coast has standing orders that if I die here, she will take my ashes ‘home’ to BC. but I hope to take them back while they are still walking around LOL. ~ Linne

      • I’m going to have to correct something here before it gets someones nose out of joint, although I’m sure Fran’s nose will stay firmly put. 😛 Any Tasmanian’s out there might be a little put out (but then again quite possibly incredibly relieved) to have Tasmania counted as separate to Australia. Tassie is still part of us as much as both sides at times might wish otherwise. 😉
        Here’s a trip plan for you. Stop off at NZ on the way over or the way home, come visit me as we’re an easy hours drive maybe a little more from the airport and Corrie-Lyn, my best friend, lives a mere 30 minutes (or 20 if I put the pedal to the metal but don’t tell her that) away from here through the beautiful Wombat State Forest and Lerderderg too. It’s a lovely drive. Then we can catch the train down to Melbourne, the tran to Beacon Cove then a short walk to Station Pier where we can catch the Spirit of Tasmania over to Devonport. I haven’t worked out the logistics to get from Devonport to the Tamar Valley but I’m sure Fran could chip in some more local knowledge there. 🙂

      • Love the trip plan!! I think that one goes in my Dream Book.
        I did know Tas was part of Aus, but isn’t it a bit like Scotland and Wales? or our own Quebec? (which I love and would hate to lose; not to mention that splitting a country down the middle hardly benefits anyone . . .) When Quebec voted to remain in Canada, I began to learn French; still have a very long way to go, but I’ll get there. Dug out one of my workbooks the other day so I can brush up in my spare time. (I hear you all snickering down there! As my parents used to say, “Don’t make me come down there!” actually, they said ‘up’, not ‘down’. LOL)

      • Yes, I’m following her site; maybe drop her a gentle hint that some people want to know more . . . you know, as in “Enquiring minds want to know . . .” (or is that just an American joke?). I loved how they got their house and am anxious to follow their progress and adventures. ~ Linne

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