**If you don’t want to wade through a very long post, scroll down to “In a Nutshell” for a concise list of details.

Yesterday I wrote my 100th post and to celebrate that, I had decided some time ago to hold a giveaway. But give away what? Nothing heavy, as many of you are half a world away and Canada Post is not the kindest corporation.

No, I wanted it to be personal, meaningful, useful and symbolic. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, then I hit the 100 mark, now the pressure was on . . . and a few minutes ago a light went on . . .

Pam Stahl of the “Learning to be Me” blog handstitched and handquilted an incredibly gorgeous quilt, originally meant for her father. See her blog for pictures and more information.

The quilt is now being raffled to raise money for a well in Africa, where clean water, as I’m sure you all know, is not only hard to come by in places, but also connected to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Now I know some of you have experienced drought this year and I also know, from your comments and in my heart, that you all care about making meaningful change in the world.

I made a donation to this cause in my own name a while back after I posted about the raffle. Today I did a bit more research on your behalf and discovered that the beneficiary of the raffle, Blood:Water Mission, was set up by the Christian band, Jars of Clay, in 2004.

To learn more about the mission, go to To check out the band, go to

I want to be clear here: I don’t believe in promoting my beliefs; as far as I’m concerned, people can make up their own minds. I’m not mainstream and my beliefs encompass those from several traditions/religions. My friends range from staunch atheists to equally staunch believers in a variety of religions. I enjoy discussing in person, but you won’t see religious posts here. Not what I do and not what this blog is about. Any questions, let me know; I’ll send you my email address and we can talk privately.

Now, that said, I like anyone who puts their money where their mouth is. Clean water for Africa is something I supported back when I was a member of the Women’s Institute, the only women’s group with representation at the U.N. I love what Pam is doing with her quilt (seriously, do you have any idea how much time went into making it?)

So, here’s the deal: leave a comment on this post and next Monday I will put all names in the hat and five of them will be drawn. Via PayPal, I will make a $10 donation directly to Pam on behalf of each person whose name is drawn. (I no longer use credit cards). Pam forwards the money to the raffle site and your donorname is added to the Donor Roll there. She adds your contact name to the drawing pool.
Winners will have their names/blognames posted here. I haven’t figured out how to do those entry forms where your email address stays hidden, so I will post my own email and winners can contact me. Leave a contact name and also let me know in your comment what name (anonymous, full name, blogname, first name, whatever) you would like used as a donor on the raffle site (check that out here: (You can set up your own fundraiser at crowdrise, but I don’t know the details)

Pam has generously offered to pay the postage to ship it to the lucky winner.

Pam hopes to raise $7,000, $10 at a time, by the end of March and is nearly halfway. If you’d like to help, she has a widget on her blog that you may add to yours. Go to: and scroll down.

In a nutshell:
Win a handstitched, handquilted
Leave a comment on this post (one only, please, and not a reply to another comment). Say whatever you like, or nothing but the name you want used as your donorname (and a contact name if you want to be listed as Anonymous; the contact name will not appear anywhere else)
A donorname is required.
Draw closes at midnight (Mountain Time) on Sunday, 24 March, 2013. On Monday, I will draw (or get my Mum to draw) five names.
I will donate $10 (US funds) in each person’s name to the Living Waters Quilt raffle and email the names to Pam to add to the pool.
Pam will draw one name at the end of March to win the quilt and will pay the shipping costs.

I hope one of my readers wins, but the real winners will be drinking clean water!

Good Luck!


21 thoughts on “Giveaway!

    • Hi, Charlsey! Thanks for the comment. I announced winners on Monday, but be patient; I’m hoping for a surprise on Saturday! We’ll see . . .

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  2. Well done on your 100th blog and the great cause you are supporting. I will mosey on over after work and have a peek. I love quilting so will be interested to see her quilt. What a lovely gesture on her part.

  3. Hi, Linne – a very worthy cause. I lived in West Africa for two years and their living conditions in the villages need much improvement. This is a great idea! ❀

    • Thanks, Stacy! I think clean water (and a host of other things) are basic human rights. I can think of a lot of places where we could find the money to provide basics for everyone, too, but so far the government hasn’t asked my opinion.
      πŸ™‚ ~ Linne

    • Thanks for starting it, Pam! It would be nice if other blogs followed suit, wouldn’t it? I saw you were nearly halfway to your goal and figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

      My followers and readers (FaRs) are a great bunch and I thought this would be a good way to celebrate my 100th post (I had a slow start), thank my FaRs and do a wee bit of good as well. I think this is how we build a better world; one brick at a time . . . Feel free to link to the giveaway post or whatever will help you, Pam. Or a post about it may inspire more; I hope so, anyway! ~ Linne

  4. I love that we have never met Fran and yet we can both speak for each other to a degree. πŸ˜€ You’re dead right, I LOVE this idea. My donor name is Jessie Twinn and thanks for such a generous give away Linne.

  5. I just had a bit of a “woo-woo” moment there Linne. My maiden name is Stahl :). I think what you are doing is wonderful. What a perfect “giveaway” :). I know Rabid will love it to. My donor name is Fran Pimblett πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! That would be nice. I’m on FB, but rarely post publicly. Don’t like the new interface and the ads. I’d prefer chronological order, too. I find I go back n find a post from days ago only just showing up…makes me crazy!
        I use my given name there, and as family n friends are connected to me there (with a WIDE range of outlooks, I’m very cautious on FB. Here, not so much . . . you may have noticed …

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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