FOs: Scrappy Quilt patches

Remember that picture I posted of a nearly- finished jelly-roll strip patch? The square one? Well, I finished it yesterday:

20130318-012833.jpg and then I started another, longer, one – and finished that tonight! See:

20130318-012938.jpg Tomorrow I plan to make a third, even longer, patch. It takes three of each length to make the quilt top. I’m thinking of adding sashing and borders to make it larger. Well, off to bed now. See you on the dark side of the moon . . .


19 thoughts on “FOs: Scrappy Quilt patches

  1. Hello Linne, I love the colours you have used. I think I recognize the yellow piece you have used with the first one as some I have in my “stash”. As you know ones stash is just never big enough lol. My friend Fran gave me your link, thanks Fran. Kym x

    • Hi, Kym! Nice to meet you!
      Wasn’t sure who you were when you sent the first comment. All good now, though.
      You are right about stashes; I gave no room and no time, really, but bought another two jelly rolls yesterday as I needed more co-ordinating colours for the pieces I’m currently handstitching (another photo coming up soon).

      All the squares are made from jelly roll strips; it’s too far to bus often to a fabric store (and I have some self-control, but it stretches very thin in those places!)

      The US dept store (only source I can walk to; all our Canadian chains are gone now 😦 ) no longer carries yardage, so I have been buying jelly rolls and fat quarters (and a couple pieces of flannel to back a child’s quilt, assuming I ever get one done!

      • Have only ordered one charm pack online so far. Partly ’cause I like to see the colours and feel the fabric, too. But there may be more online buying in my future. PayPal is so handy!

        For now, though, I want to get to where I am not buying, but rather using up my stashes. But I am easily lured off the straight-and-narrow . . .

    • Do you have a blog, too, Kym? I didn’t see a link. and if not, how come?? Do join us in this den of iniquity… it’s lots of fun!! and then we can see your projects, too!

      • I actually started a blog for my cousins and I. We are spread all over Australia and have had limited contact with each other, so I thought it would be a great way to share our experiences. Unfortunately they haven’t contributed, too busy??? Not sure why, they were keen with the idea when I mentioned it….. never mind. I am thinking of starting a different blog with travelling photos and tips from the areas we go to and of course I can add some sewing thingies too. I don’t get lots of time to sew. I moved to a remote town, (2hrs from a decent sized town), this year. I thought I would have some more time to sew but my husband has given me lots of work! So now I have to try to fit in some sewing around my work, dogs, reading, cooking, housework, gardening etc πŸ™‚

      • That would be a great blog! Let me know if you get it started, eh?

        Your life sounds like retirement; busier than before!

        I haven’t done much sewing for years, but am sure enjoying getting back to it. I have a couple of trays with ongoing work; I can pick up whenever time permits. Perfect for when I’m visiting. Same with knitting, etc. (those are in bags, usually). I’ve been known to knit in line-ups at the bank or wherever, too. or read . . .

      • Big jumpers are all the rage ;). Lucky I recently lost weight as I now don’t have to buy so much wool for jumpers this year πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! I ame nearly done one in the longest size and will post a pic shortly. I DO like to see quilts and other handwork in people’s homes. Did you make yours?

      • I’ve done some weaving, too. I only have a table loom (currently on loan to a friend; nowhere here to set it up), but Mum has two or three floor looms still, and one table loom on a stand with foot treadles. That’s the only one set up still. I really enjoy weaving, but my nomadic life makes it difficult to do. I’m still very amateurish, but maybe one day . . .

  2. It’s amazing to see quilts coming to life from small individual squares. My friend Kym makes quilts and I gave her your blog URL so she can come and visit πŸ™‚

      • Lol πŸ˜‰ not many people get it and the 7 is my favourite number πŸ™‚ Someone already had narf7 for the purposes of my blog so I am narf77 but for everything else I use it πŸ™‚

      • The mind boggles at how many “7’s” I could have had πŸ˜‰ Technically I could have just kept addint 7’s till no-one had taken that name but the narf was staying! πŸ˜‰

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