A NFO (nearly finished object)

What I did today!


Top pic taken with flash off; bottom one with flash on.
This is the longest patch, with one row still to add; I set the final strip across the bottom to give you an idea. The patches are all about 14″ wide (I have to say ‘about’, as I don’t measure for the 1/4″ seams; just eyeball ’em and hope for tbe best . . . πŸ™‚ The length is determined by the length of tbe centre strip, in these cases, 2″, 6″ and 10″. I have veen conternplating (HA!) making four of each plus four more with a centre of 14″. Then it would be bed-sized. Currently, with borders, but no sashing, it is supposed to be 45″x58″.

I’m spending the night at my Aunty’s (but not sleeping yet, as you can see), then tomorrow mostly here; Wed am working at my sister’s, then a few days to catch up with other things (like getting my stuff sorted, organized and out if Mum’s living room! …and, of course, the demon blog!! πŸ˜› )

Nearly forgot: the next photo is of my little square tray, which I bought for myself during the post-Christmas sales, and which I use to carry my work and supplies from here on the second floor up to Mum’s on the ninth. It’s about 15″ square. Cute, eh?



5 thoughts on “A NFO (nearly finished object)

  1. Square and neat and very organised :). Love the work you did today. I spent your day sleeping the sleep of the dead most probably drooling on my pillow ;). I don’t own a sewing machine but bought my eldest daughter one a while back because she wanted to teach herself to sew. She has left me for dead (I once made an apron in Home ec class and a wonky napkin πŸ˜‰ ) and made an incredible costume for a manga convention that she attended a few years ago out of red velvet, faux leather etc. and it was amazing! All from a strong will to get what was in her mind out into reality :). I guess that’s why we do what we do…our minds are pushing us to get it out…”GET IT OUT!” πŸ˜‰

    • As my English friends would say, “I am gobsmacked!!”

      I’ve only been blogging since last November and thought it would be years (if ever) before I was noticed for any award…

      Thank you SO much!!

      I will pass this on later this evening, when I will have access to the computer. iPhones are great, but can’t do everything.

    • Thank you again!
      I have a post in draft form, have chosen 15 blogs and copied the bulk of the post over from yours. But the rating stars won’t copy, so maybe I need to try again on the computer. Not sure if I’ll have time tomorrow, but should by Thursday; I need to notify all my awardees.

      I’m so glad you find my blog inspiring; makes me feel good!!

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