Today’s Patch (FO!)`

Here is the third and longest (so far) patch: the whole thing and a close-up so you can admire my favourite fabric so far in the jelly rolls; it’s the outside strip, with the little white flowers. Wish I had yardage of this one!

IMG_2552 IMG_2553


3 thoughts on “Today’s Patch (FO!)`

  1. This post took me 14 1/2 hours to read! The net went out this morning and wouldn’t let me read your post and by the time the net came back on (just on 3 hours later) we had to start studying. I just got to read it now :). I love that lovely floral fabric as well :). You have been very productive over the last few days. All I did was put a (photoshop) Datsun on the moon! 😉

    • It’s interesting; there were only two jelly rolls in the craft area last time I shopped, so I chose this one ’cause it goes with an earlier purchase. I’m not normslly into browns; more the greens, blues, purples, dark cherry reds and pinks, black, white and greys. But it’s good to move out of the comfort zone sometimes; and sometimes I encounter a colour like the orange/peach of the poncho and simply fall in love . . .

      I think this quilt top could be done in a day or two by machine and I’ll try that, too, once I have time again. For now, I like spending time with my Aunty and I always do handwork of some sort as we chat. Amazing how much we can do in those bits of time. I also like knitting or crocheting (and sewing) shile listening to the radio. No need to look away from my work, then!

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