and MORE . . .

Here’s the view at 3:00 pm:

You can see how far it’s blowing in onto the balcony . . .

You can see a bit farther, but not much . . .

20130321-151351.jpgI don’t know if the photo shows it, but the flakes are larger and blowing steadily from the North. It’s -4C, but -10C with the windchill and winds around 18km/hr, but west of here winds have been up to 80km/hr (50 mph). We have had about 8″ and can expect another 4-6″ until late on Friday. Visibility is down to zero at times on some of tbe freeways due to blowing snow, so hundreds of km of the Trans-Canada were closed early this morning. Directly west, near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, lots of cars are trapped on both sides of a winddrift 100m long and over 1.5 feet deep.

So, please, all you parched people, we Canadians LOVE to share!!
Help yourself . . . 😉


5 thoughts on “and MORE . . .

    • Yes, and it hasn’t stopped yet (at least not when I looked last). I came here in 1999 and I don’t remember a March with this much snow since then. Global warming!! Good thing they switched to ‘climate change’, isn’t it?

  1. Do us a favour? Box it up and ship the lot to us. It will be water when it arrives and exactly what my garden needs. 😉
    Hope it eases up and heads south soon. A LONG way south. 🙂 Stay warm

    • Wish I could do just that. Maybe if we all ‘see’ the wet winds shifting direction and heading your way . . . or even some new, fully loaded ones on the way. Gentle downpours, that’s what I see for you . . .

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