Giveaway: The Word for Wednesday was . . .

As we all know, water is vital to life on this planet and to have a source of clean water is crucial.

So here’s the deal: there have not been many entries for the Blood:Water Mission / Living Waters Quilt give-away.

(also, I was busy at my sister’s yesterday and didn’t get home ’til nearly midnight. I confess I completely forgot it was Wednesday and that I hadn’t posted a Word)

So here we are: the Word is “Water” and if you would like a second chance to get your name in the draw for Pam Stahl’s incredibly gorgeous, handstitched and hand-quilted HUGE quilt, you need to do two things:

In the comment section, enter the name of a poem about water by one of your favourite poets; then leave your donorname. The rules are in my previous post in the categories “For a Good Cause” and “give-away”, if you want to review them. If you haven’t entered there, it’s not too late!

In short: I will draw, or cause to have drawn, five names on Monday, 25 March, from the comments on my first post about the draw.

ALSO I will draw one name from the comments on this post. Those six donornames will be given to Pam to enter in the draw and I will PayPal $60 in US funds to her to forward to the Blood:Water Mission. If your name is drawn, Pam will ship the quilt to you (and has offered to pay the shipping costs). Good Luck!!

In case you are interested, one of my favourite poets is Gerard Manley Hopkins and my favourite ‘water’ poem by him is


You may read it here:

Any questions, let me know. And thanks for all your support for this cause.


7 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Word for Wednesday was . . .

  1. I was one of those who simply didn’t have time. Sorry.
    Why is water important? Well (pardon the pun) without it I couldn’t feed my children. Clean water enables me to hydrate them (they’re water guzzlers) and cook food for them and grow food for them. They also love to play in the stuff but they’re not so fussed on whether it’s clean bath water, outside swimming water (when it’s warm enough) or using old pool water (it’s only a wading pool) to make mud puddles. 😉 So, Jessie Twinn thinks water is probably her most important element to assist with being a mum. 🙂

  2. I wish we had a lot of money spare to donate but alas the sock under the bed is protesting about being torn between Earl and the moths that want to carry it away… I just want to thank you for the 15 minutes that I just spent hunting through poems to find something that struck a chord with me :). There are some great poems out there but this simple little poem did it for me. Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox and a massive break in the clouds that gave us initially a big thunderstorm and 4 hours computer free but then a solid day of good steady water. The garden could be heard sighing with bliss over the top of the cacophony and as soon as I saw this small poem I knew that it said what I wanted to say…parched and arid, we Aussies really do know the meaning of the bliss that ensues from the sky when the summer season breaks…

    At Blackwater Pond by Mary Oliver
    At Blackwater Pond the tossed waters have settled
    after a night of rain.
    I dip my cupped hands. I drink
    a long time. It tastes
    like stone, leaves, fire. It falls cold
    into my body, waking the bones. I hear them
    deep inside me, whispering
    oh what is that beautiful thing
    that just happened?

    I am narf backwards Pimblett 😉

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