Spring ? ? ?

I got up this morning and looked ouside:


‘Nuff said . . .
Spring resides in the calendar ;-/


5 thoughts on “Spring ? ? ?

  1. It has a flip side you complaining Northerners you know! We poor Aussies have had to labour through the LONGEST dry season ever. Our gardens are all half dead, our lawns are whispy tumbleweeds that dried up and blew away months ago and our trees are starting to drop branches alarmingly…we NEED that winter that you are holding onto so tightly, its about time that you joined we rain dancers in a dance of the vernal equinox and handed winter over instead of complaining loudly to anyone who will listen…we NEED THAT WET! Hand it over and share nicely 😉

    • Yup! So you’ll be happy to read my latest post. 🙂

      We all need some good news in the midst of this . . .

      Did you get part of the snow that dumped on the Eastern Provinces?

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