Quilt Raffle Ticket Give-away: Two More Days!

Your chance to enter here for Pam Stahl’s Living Waters quilt raffle ends Sunday night at midnight Mountain Time! It won’t cost you a cent; if you haven’t already done so, just leave a comment on both the ‘give-away’ posts (include the donorname you wish me to use if your name is drawn). I will have five names drawn from the original post’s comments and an additional name will be drawn from the second post’s comments: this means you could win TWO chances at the quilt!

I have already PayPal’d the donation to Pam, so now it’s up to you . . . I haven’t checked to see how many have left comments, but I hope you are all represented there . . . you deserve it!

One more thing: this ticket give-away ends Sunday, but you can still enter the draw on your own until 31 March; go to Pam’s site and follow the directions. One entry for $10, three entries for $25. That’s in US funds, but PayPal made the exchange for me.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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