Last day to enter to win a chance to win aQuilt!!

If you are one of my usual readers and didn’t enter ’cause you didn’t have time to name a poem about water (not everyone has one in tbeir head), please enter now and just leave your donorname and a few words about why clean water us important to you!
Thanks to all who support this cause, materially or otherwise . . .

If you are a new reader who has not entered my draw for a ticket (or TWO) to go in the draw for Pam Stahl’s quilt, please do it today. See the link on the right side of this blog to Pam’s “Learning to be Me” blog. Pam is trying to raise around $7,000 and last time I checked (a few days ago) she was nearly halfway there. I hope she’s closer by now. I will post winners tomorrow, possibly later in the day.

A hand-stitcher myself, I can assure you that the quilt is worth a lot more than $7,000!! Unless an hourly wage of $2 is considered good! But this is not about Pam; she’s been happy to donate the quilt; it’s about clean water and enough of it.

Click on the Give-away category to find the posts (there are two of them!).

And a huge thanks to all who have entered already.


32 thoughts on “Last day to enter to win a chance to win aQuilt!!

  1. Do you go to Ravelry for patterns Linne (or is that just a really DUH stupid question 😉 ). I found a really gorgeous free pattern there yesterday for a sort of wiggly crocheted quilt thingo and a most amazing sideways shawl. I am going to give both a go and am going to explore ravelry more to see if I can’t get back into regular crocheting :). I also found a blog that I just HAD to follow. It is the most bizare and wonderful use of crochet that I have ever heard of and it’s a young woman’s journey to crochet every single fungus out there! She is doing a phd in mycology and feels that this will help her to understand the fungi better and she is documenting how to make these gorgeous toadstools, mushrooms, branching fruiting fungus (like turkey fungus) etc. on her blog! Awesomeness and the reason why I bother to surf the net, in order to find precious little office partitions like this to navigate the world 🙂

    • I joined Ravelry, but haven’t been there much. So many looonnnnggggg blog posts to reply to. (you know I’m so brief 😉 )

      It’s back on my to-do list now. Thanks very much! (I think!!)

      Love the fungal crochet concept. Gipsy Quilt made the sweetest box with a woodland scene on top, complete with fungi! All sewn, in her case. Will try to remember to post a link.

      • Here’s a link to Gipsy’s tutorials (in French and her Translate button is not working since the re-design of her site. However, if you need to translate anything, this is an awesome site (I use it when I write to Gipsy):

        Here’s the link to where the landscape box is (scroll down past the red ‘sheep’ bag):

        and here’s a link to her page about the embroidered quilt patch swap: scroll down to the photos of all the blocks; mine is on the far left, second row from the bottom:


      • I did find her site this morning on Google and noticed it was in French. I tend to go through Google Translate as I use Google as my homepage and its easy to find it (as was the Google Reader before they dufunked themselves 😉 ). Cheers for that Linne, after we spend a day trying to learn how to design a logo online I might have enough brain cells left to rattle around checking out Gipsy’s tutorials but I might leave it for after I recover 😉

      • Never tried GTranslate. One of these days. Sometimes I like to see how far I get before I bog down (not far, usually)
        It’s worth it just to browse her site. I hadn’t embroidered for some years, but Gipsy re-ignited the flame!

      • My grandmother embroidered and taught my sister and I how to do it but I haven’t embroidered in more years than I would care to admit. I haven’t gone to Gipsy’s site yet (too busy at the moment studying and I FINALLY got my RSS feed reader to a manageable level) but I have saved it to visit ASAP. I am off to my daughters this weekend so my RSS feed reader should be somewhere around the 1000+ mark by the time I get home so I am going to prepare a paper bag to breath into (maybe put over my head!) in anticipation of my hyperventilating myself off my seat ;). Google translate is great. You just highlight and copy the selection of text you want translated and drop it into the first box on the page. It then automatically detects the language and spits out the translation into the second box. I use it for all of the recipe sites that I follow with foreign languages (that’s where the money shots are so a lot 😉 )

      • Have a wonderful time!

        And you don’t have time for hyperventilating (but I know the feeling); you’ll need every second to catch up . . . 😉

      • My daughters are a terrifying force. They live together and are like Patty and Selma, Marge Simpson’s sisters. They spend their days lusting after Bella Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy. They are “different” and “unusual” and I love them to bits. I am occasionally a bit fearful that I have spawned the children that I spawned because all 3 of them leave me behind intellectually and when they all get together it is like they are talking a foreign language to me…but scientists have proven that children get their intelligence quotient from their mothers (go check it out) so my theory that every child that you have steals 1/4 of your brain cells is probably correct. I was clever and kept 1/4 of my brain cells but you see it all the time… women have 4 kids and suddenly it swells to 10, no ability left to reason! 😉

      • Don’t watch the Simpsons, but do like Nimoy 🙂
        Different and Unusual!! That’s what we need, don’t you think?

        So that’s why my boys are so smart! 😉

        But I disagree on the last comment, ’cause I wanted 5 or 6, even before I had one! I’m oldest of 9; I think babies are addictive (but maybe that’s inherited? My Mum is an addict, too; she went on to care for many foster babies. But it’s a fun idea!!

      • Gee, what a chore . . .

        hahahahahahaha (7, didja count ’em?)

        More seriously; anytime . . . I love to give it and don’t care what is done with it. Feedback, advice, information, open ear and shoulder to cry on . . . whatever you need/want . . .

      • The feedback is a requisite of the assessment. We need 2 people to give us feedback. As we are both doing the course, we can give each other feedback (that’s 1 down) but we each need another form of feedback and I did ask a “friend” who is a graphic artist but she got the ump with me when I started avoiding her 4hour + phonecalls where she moaned about everything but the kitchen sink… (wait a minute… I think she DID moan about the kitchen sink… that might have been the last straw! 😉 ) and has been studiously ignoring my request. I say “Bollocks!” to her ;). A real friend would know that 4 hours of complaining (on a regular basis) isn’t going to enarmour you to anyone else especially when you never phone them to be happy about anything ;).

      • Well, be patient with her; after all, she doesn’t have your life . . .
        But if you ever feel the need to make one of those calls, we could set up Skype . . .
        Anyhoo . . . I’d be delighted to give you feedback; is this on your logo design? In rambling around after various blades of grass (not to mentiin fungi – oh, I just mentioned fungi!! Darn!!!), I’ve lost the train of thought (or missed it altogether) not to wirry, another train will come along; or a blade of grass; or a mycelium fruiting body or . . .
        And no, I have NOT had any coffee . . . YET!!
        So, briefly, feedback on what exactly??
        If it’s a logo or related stuff, I have designed a few in the past (desktop publishing, contract and employed).

      • Yup, logo. We need to get an independant opinion of 3 of our final choices of logo before we can isolate one of them for our (hypothetical) client for our assessment. My friend has been a friend since we were 6. She hadn’t been in contact with me for many years and the marathon phonecalls were for her behalf and nothing to do with me…I was just an ear at the end of the phone and once that ear was removed I copped some serious ire. You can’t expect to take up a friendship after more than 20 years with a one sided moanfest and expect your “friend” to be overjoyed about only being called when you need to complain ;). I get that people have bad patches but this friend had other friends that didn’t cop the earbashing, that was reserved for me.

      • Well, having heard the full story, I’m with you. We all vent/rant sometimes, but friendships don’t thrive on a diet of misery. Especially if the venter isn’t willing to make any changes. So, who needs more misery?? Not me, that’s for sure, and if I did, well . . . I’m a DIY sorta gal . . . LOL

      • I tend to be a vent and “forgedaboudit” kind of girl myself :). I also don’t like to complain to other people much. I tend to be pretty self sufficient in the “sort it out” department.

      • Did you know that the CBC (Canadian national radio, somewhat like the BBC) has a programme called “Quirks and Quarks”? Must be in your honour . . .

      • LOVE that! Now my homestead (in EverEverLand) has a ‘Hamlet’, an ‘Omelette’ and a ‘Quark’!!

        Seems to me Quarks are something to do with astronomy and physics, but don’t quote me on that; we didn’t know ‘quarks’ when I was wee . . .

      • Isn’t “Quark” a cheese?!!! 😉 that fits more with the omelette side of things and we have lots of chooks here (chickens to you Canadian’s 😉 ) so eggs aint a problemo! 😉 Now we just have to sort the Hamlet but I am sure we can organise that with a quick trip to the local library (and THAT is where “online” is a good place to be. I pick lots of my books from sites and reviews and personal recomendations that I read about and head straight to T.A.L.I.S. our Tassie online booking service and I can check out the entire library catalogue because the state is so small they share all of the books around and I can request a hold be put on a book there and then. I don’t have to wait till I go to the library and pick it from the shelves as it most likely isn’t there 😉 )

      • Something like cheese, I think.
        I like ‘chooks’ better than ‘chickens’; go figure! I have to switch gears when I’m not online and not talk ‘weird’; I love words, oh my . . .

      • I book online, too, but I always loved the tactile approach; thank heaven there are still second-hand book stores. I had a post a while back about some old books I found for peanuts (and such treasures!)

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