Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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  3. State 7 things about yourself.
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Seven things about me

  1. I love reading! In school, I read more than a book a day, not counting schoolbooks. This continued for many years, but I’ve slowed down a bit now; I want to make stuff, too . . . I read mostly books that make me think, unless I need a break from thinking; then I read mysteries that make me puzzle-solve; a simpler sort of thinking.
  2. I  love colour, pattern and shape. In nature, in art, in music, in language and languages, in everything! To me, the Arts and Crafts movement in England was a peak experience in human development. (also the Hobbit House at Bag End! This is why I love designing/making and also freeforming things like art, sweaters, shawls, prints, etc., even when not all of my projects are successes.
  3. Things I have learned about myself recently (and passionately wish I had learned long ago!) are my strengths: Intellection (Philosophic thinking), Connecting (I connect with people easily and deeply), Strategic (which I’m pretty sure I remember as problem- or puzzle-solving; they say it is ‘finding alternative ways to proceed after spotting patterns and issues’), Input, which is seeing deep meaning in EVERYTHING!!! Oh, so true! Last of the top five (all we were given and I wasn’t paying $600 to learn the rest; using the top 5 is all one really needs to get through life) is Learning (and I am a Life-Long Learner!! of anything!). I mention all this here because I have spent my life thinking of my strengths as faults and trying hard to correct them, rather than learning to use them for good (mine and other people’s). So I offer this to you if you are interested. To learn yours, buy a book called “StrengthsFinder”; in it is a code to use on their website; take the test (it’s not too long) and you will receive your top five strengths. There is a bunch of information on the website and the book, of course, has more. The code is one-time use only, sorry. The company I worked for thought it was good enough that they bought a book each for nearly half of the 300+ staff. My results were not a surprise to me; only that these were strenths! More info at: (produced by Gallup, incidentally!)
  4. I love the ‘wholeness’ of all things; people from birth to death, plants from seed to seeding, and so on. No one stage is ‘nicer’ or ‘prettier’ than another to me. And my life, too, easy, hard, successful, failing, growing, aging, all of it.
  5. I am an INFP (Idealist-Healer); when I was tested (for work twice and by a counselor once), I scored at 95% Introvert, 95% Intuitive, 85% Feeling and 95% Perceptive. It’s a weird combination, believe me! Want to know what YOU are? Go to:  and click on the four-coloured circle at the top right of the screen. Have fun!
  6. Because I love (passionately) philosophic thinking, I really, really love that one member of the Norwegian government is a philosopher. I think every government and corporation should have a philosopher on board, because if you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t find the right answers . . .
  7. I love: art; music; language, languages and languaging; gardening, creating all sorts of things, however badly; reading; my new friends discovered through blogging; horses (especially Morgans and Percherons); dogs (Collies, Border Collies and Afghans); cats (calico or black; huge ones with very long hair!); my old truck (alas, with us no more, it was an extended Ford Ranger named Star Ranger after the book); harvesting and wildcrafting; every art and craft known to woman; minimalist camping;  . . . . . I guess I could have just said I love being eclectic, ’cause I do!


The bloggers below are all people I have met ‘Virtually’ recently, and would like to offer the award to:

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Check them out when you have time; they are all interesting and fun!


19 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for my award. I am delighted. I enjoyed your post about strenghsfinder and intend to look into it deeper.

    • You are SO welcome! I think the book was about $35 here, but I consider it worth every penny, esp for someone like me. I do wish this sort of information had been available when I was younger . . . it would have made a huge difference. When you find it, Zi’mn

  2. I enjoyed reading the facts you shared about yourself. I am also an INFP (or maybe an INFJ as I’m right in the middle of the spectrum on the last one, the INF part I am also on the extreme end of things like you are!) I’m looking forward to looking at some of the blogs you’ve linked to when I have a moment while nursing Zoe today. 🙂

    • Did you see Narf77’s comment today on this linking up of like minds? More synchronicity at work here!

      Nice to meet another INF* !! There is a book you might want to read: “The Introvert Advantage”; that and the Strengthsfinder book have helped me so much! I only wish I’d known all this sooner; such a help when raising children to understand the different types.

      Snuggle that Zoe for me, will you? I’m a real baby person, just like my Mum!!

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  4. As mentioned before girls, I don’t do “awards” but accept the thought most graciously and hugs to everyone who gifted me with an award :). I think we are meant to “find” certain people in our lives. I am not going all woo-woo here, but you just “are”. I don’t know why you do, but people are put in your life for a purpose, I can’t wait to find out what our purposes all are because we have a fine bunch of minds all starting to amass at once…”don’t cross the streams ladies!” 😉

    • Not at all ‘woo-woo’, my friend! Only to the uninitiated. As I often say, we are the little ‘yeastie beasties’ that make such a difference. And now, with blogging, we are no longer alone, even if separated by physical distance. There is a network forming around the world of people like us. Like the fungal mycelium . . . and we, the fruiting bodies . . .

      Well, I just tripped over another Blade of Grass (BoG); went to check on ‘mycelium’ and found this:

      Some incredible photos (and the slideshow of ‘peach with mould’ is intriguing); some are just pure art!

      Click at your own risk . . . 😉

      • You don’t want me to go there girlfriend! You just uncovered my not so secret world of fungal infatuation. So in love with fungus that I am seriously taking my 2 horticulture diploma’s off to university and specialising in fungal relationships. Without fungus we would be up to the moon in lignin! A fungus took out a big tree right next to our house the other day and the fruiting body is just above where the tree snapped off at the base. I love autumn as I get to hunt them and take photos. I found some gorgeous little grey blue toadstools outside the glasshouse the other day…I also remembered that it is pine mushroom season! Pretty soon, those pine trees that just had the drenching of a lifetime in Auburn road just around the corner from us are going to start spouting heavenly mushies and I am going to collect some this year! Steve might not let me eat them BUT I can seed our own pines with them (method in my madness…when I get my qualifications in mycology GOOD LUCK TO STOPPING ME EATING THEM THEN BUCKO!) 😉

      • Ok, not ignoring you; have to eat breakfast n go to the bank. We need a week of walks, fireside handwork, gardenwork, etc. So we can talk intensely non-stop. Then you would boot me back through the star gate so we both could rest up n catch our breath!! :-). CUL8R

      • Enjoy that breakfast, it is 4.34am here and I NEED to get to that Rss feed reader before it breeds 😉 have a great day 🙂

    • Too funny! I already got one!! But thanks very much. Now I can award it to the bloggers I had to leave out the first time . . . I rarely follow or favourite a blog if I don’t find it inspiring (though some are just interesting), so it was hard to choose. I wrote my draft, picked the blogs, then it took me a few days to find time to notify everyone. Needed the computer for that; a screen with the post up so I didn’t forget anyone; another to research the websites I gave links to; then a third with the recipient’s site so I could notify them. Sometimes a fourth as I folliwed up on recommended links and a fifth with my Dashboard so I could add the links. 😉 Works for me! I used pretty much the samebmessage, ’cause it apllies to everyone; just copy and paste from there . . .

      • I’m very honoured! Really!! I’ve only been blogging seriously since November and had a slow start. So it was a great surprise to me to receive any award!

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