OK, all you crocheters, here’s a Too Cute Alert!! And do check out her owls, too! I haven’t made time to create any of these, but they are on my list! Have fun! ~ Linne

The Green Dragonfly

Crochet bunny free patternIf you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently. You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Rabbits, as you well know, breed like, well, rabbits and before we knew it there were not one, but four new members to the family. If you are interested in meeting the owl family please be sure to check out the New Zealand branch here and the original English pattern here – over at Bunny Mummy no less!!!

Right, on with the tutorial.  If you would like to make some bunnies of your own for Easter you will need:

  • Various scraps of yarn and a corresponding hook – I used 8ply and a 4mm hook.
  • 2 x…

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  1. I have visions of these owls, cats, etc. all decorating our Christmas tree this year with some spartan Danish style homemade wooden decorations…love the ethos and the idea behind them and they are 70’s Swedish gorgeousness personified 🙂 Now all I need to find is a pair of Dr Scholl’s and some decent flared pants and a cheesecloth top and one of those gorgeous crochetted bags from Buscando Comienzos and I will singlehandedly bring back the 70’s in Tasmania this year! Or… (and more likely) I will decidedly deserve my “old hippy” moniker to the max! 😉

    • Did you see my note on an easy way to make flares??

      I think when I go to my storage, I will have to dig out the boxes of Astra yarn; it’s the only yarn I have in enough bright colours to make this bag. I had been knitting tiny teddies using two strands held together. After each teddy was done, I had some yarn left over from both balls; I hsve saved them all to use in a Fair Isle past-the-hips cardi that’s been in my mind for a while. The background will be a hot pink (I already have that yarn!) and all the teddy bits will be used for the details; now I can make a couple of these amazing bags and have lots of bits for the sweater . . . I’m not sure if I have any black, though, and I like black in a granny square design; sets off the colours so well!

    • Hmmmm…….. you have sparked yet MORE ideas . . . now I’m thinking Norwegian Christmas decorations . . . for my mother’s side of the family; I’ll have to think what would be good to represent Dad’s side . . .

      • He was born in Russia, but came to Canada the following year with his family. His people were Mennonite farmers who had emigrated to Russia; I’m pretty sure they were originally German, but Dad said they were Dutch, so they might have lived in the Netherlands for some time. Mennonites were peaceniks, so often persecuted. I grew up thinking we had Russian ancestry, but we don’t.

      • I have a Mennonite cookbook that I bought at a market when I lived in Western Australia (the equivalent of an outback post in your neck of the woods 😉 ). I can only begin to imagine how a Mennonite cookbook made it all the way over to the other side of the world but for some reason I just wanted to buy it. That was back when I was eating meat (a LOT of meat 😉 ) and I still have that book today :). Russian heritage? Very interesting! My ex husband has Danish heritage (his grandfather jumped ship in Australia as he figured he was far enough away from Denmark to start over 😉 ) and I have Scottish, U.K. on my mum’s side and German (strong German) on my Father’s side. I have German bone structure (read great big bones and angular features) and an inherited adoration of all things potato. I think your father and I would have gotten on :). I am fascinated by Russian people and their heritage. They seem to have been very hard done by but they know how to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep on keeping on. I like that in a race :). I am also very interested in their food. I LOVE different cultures cuisines and have spent my life finding the “side left” parts of ethnic cuisines and documenting it. I am a food magpie 🙂 I am starting to turn into a crafts magpie now all thanks to you! :).

  2. Hee Hee they are soooo cute. I have made several “colonies” from this very pattern. I love making them and people love getting them. 🙂

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